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    Beware: Windows 10 May Update Windows 7-8 While You Are AFK - Update

    Does the EULA for windows 7 and 8 specify Microsoft the right to Install new software that is not a patch for existing software? Sounds really shady and probably illegal in some way. Even when it happens in mistake it counts.
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    Quantum Break's Live-Action Episodes Require an Internet Connection on PC

    Well that's an innovative DRM. Sadly it still means f**** over your paying customers. People are really going to enjoy having ingame cinematics that stutter or have a box that says "lost connection to server...". Well it's your money...
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    Quantum Break Confirmed for Windows 10

    Thank you for your well meaning post. I've tried windows 10 and I agree that win10 is a very good OS but there are very little privacy on it which I find very problematic. Hopefully they will offer a private option of windows 10 in the future but I doubt it.
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    Quantum Break Confirmed for Windows 10

    Consumer friendly eh? Give me a version of Windows 10 with real privacy options and I'll buy your new OS for 300 euros (300 dollars). Bought windows 8.1 a week ago, hopefully with a little tweaking (removing some possible infringing updates) I can get it a bit more private. But I still feel more...
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    Sony's Attempt to Trademark "Let's Play" Foiled in U.S.

    They should have gone after the word "PLAY" instead, just to make it bit more simpler. Remember candy crush SAGA...
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    Update: Steam Store Reveals Private User Information, Gets Shut Down

    That good if it was just human error. Even though one would hope errors like that should not be even possible. And what comes to conspiracy theories the fact is that companies based in the US have an obligation to assist with all information requests which will increase workloads for...
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    Update: Steam Store Reveals Private User Information, Gets Shut Down

    Hope they aren't just building a backdoor for ease of access. They already have an immense amount of customer support requests now with also governmental requests on top of that. So I would not be surprised that they would try to automate the access for those requests.
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    Driver Flees Accidents, But Her Smart Car Calls Police

    Be very careful with opinions/statements like that. It technically means one's personal information should be accessible to all who have an interest. Governmental institutions, corporations, shady individuals looking for easy money, abusive partner, rivals, bullies, foreign groups and so on...
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    Payday 2 Dev Apologizes for Microtransaction Debacle

    Words are cost effective (cheap)! They can be very effective when one has trust. Sadly nobody should trusts a company, other than making money. So in other words if behavior does not dictate otherwise words are meaningless. But they do raise PR and sales a bit with minimal costs. So they do...
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    You Have One More Year To Buy New Windows 7 PCs

    Windows data gathering will get worse when they are soon obliged to gather all the information they can for governmental purposes. Reply: But you can turn it off in the privacy options. /evil grin or sad face/ Autoupdating.... small tweak in EULA... Why not also sell the information to...
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    Payday 2 Microtransactions Are Here to Stay, Says Dev

    So technically they have a niche when it comes to Payday. Now I understand what you meant. That also explains why they dare to take such an insane chance with their player base. If there are no alternatives people can not choose and will have to adapt to a disfavorable situation if they want...
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    Payday 2 Microtransactions Are Here to Stay, Says Dev

    There aren't any other good team based games on the market!? Yikes! . . . . Or were you referring to participation? In either case disinterest in how "service providers" promise one thing then change the product (even for valid reasons) is not a good practice for the consumer/other...
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    Payday 2 Microtransactions Are Here to Stay, Says Dev

    Microtransactions Yay! It's free to play why nobody tell me? Wait... You have to pay for it? Eh!? Are people really that gullible?? INSERT BETTER ALTERNATIVES HERE: (Give people a choice in games that have similar mechanics) - Team Fortress 2 (free to play)
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    Valve Hasn't Given up on Paid Mods

    I will have to agree that is a very good possibility. What made Bethesda games great was (to a big part) the mods. Also they were in collaboration with Bethesda last time they tried to implement a paid mods system.