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    Escape to the Movies: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Kids Deserved Better Than This

    I always think it's funny when people point out the Bob is "biased" with a review because of the fact that he exerts his 'personal' opinion. I don't know if you're aware of this, but every review written about anything from anyone is an opinion. To read something or write something from a...
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    Zombies Infest Montana

    I live in montana....that's some funny shit...
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    Movie Trailers: Solomon Kane - Trailer

    Yea, it's a great movie, I found it on the internet some time a couple/few years ago, and I really enjoyed it. Eager to have this come out on blu-ray so that I can own it.
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    Sleeping Dogs Review

    Thanks for the review Greg, I was curious and still intending on renting the game, but now I'm more glad to be getting it through my gamefly. I need something for my summertime blues....such a boring summer for games.
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    Ubisoft Files Assassin's Creed Counter-Suit

    He dismissed with "without prejudice", as the article gives him the ability to bring it back up if he chooses. All he really did was put it on the back burner until he has the money to pursue it. Better to cut the head off the snake and bury it, rather than get bitten later.
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    Ubisoft Files Assassin's Creed Counter-Suit

    He should have thought about that when he decided he was gonna throw-down against a huge corporation. The other thought, if Ubisoft doesn't do something about this now, as a company it shows that they are willing to put up with every punk that wants a piece of their intellectual pie. Business...
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    Best Internet Provider/Deals?

    Not all providers are available in all area's. I can only encourage that you do a google search for the providers available in your area and compare the speed and cost. Best way to make an informed decision. I would stay away from wireless service provider as their net can be good, but it's...
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    Is this hardware or software problem or both

    Yea, Vista is an operating system that requires quite a bit of ram, just for Vista. If you don't have enough for minimum reqs for Vista and you're running other programs, it will degrade your system over time. I agree with Mr.K, get rid of Vista. I would also go to Seagate even if your drive...
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    Teenage Angst and Prom

    Bisexuality in High School does tend to be just a phase. It's curiosity and excitement over something that society dislikes and deems taboo. It could end up being long term or completely for real. If that's the case, that ain't your kool-aid. You're going to college, there are so many more...
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    Possible Problem

    I really don't have anything to add, I agree with the advice from everyone else. Free-will is a *****.
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    An issue of Human Morality... I think?

    Everyone only ever wants friends. The thing is, as human beings, we have free will. If his situation is so horrible, he has to help himself. Friends can't fix you unless you're willing to fix yourself first. Help those who help themselves. Compassion is a great to have as a person, but...
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    No Right Answer: Best Superhero Team Ever

    So at one point Chris says that the justice league has no real inner turmoil between people. Infinite Crisis anyone? A hero's wife gets raped by a villan and then they cover it up. There is a definitive split in the support of such idea which creates a permanent fracture between multiple...
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    Escape to the Movies: The Hunger Games

    I haven't seen the movie and will be willing to give it a netflix addy, I don't see it as something I would waste half the price of a dvd on in the theatre. I also haven't read the books. That said, I've noticed that a lot of comments that like the movie were also people that read the books...
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    BioShock Creator "Sad" Over ME3's Ending Scandal

    My god, I'm sad with myself for reading through all these comments, just like I'm sad with myself for reading through every other ME3 thread that complains about the ending. It's everywhere I's like some sort of bad nightmare I can't wake up from. Isn't anyone tired? I understand the...
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    Mass Effect Save Transfer (ME-ME2)

    This isn't really appropriate for the advice forum as this is more of a question if other people are experiencing this issue.