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    Dear Santa

    As is tradition in my family I will be receiving a shirt I'll never wear, pants that don't fit and a large pack of socks (Probably Hanes or some similar brand). As for what I want, money. I've always been the type who prefers to pick out my own gift.
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    Make your own Jukebox Musical

    First post in about six months, and it's a thread-necro. Oh well, I couldn't resist this thread. :P It's probably cliche, but it's what came to me.
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    Poll: Do you own a gun? If so, why?

    I don't own a gun because I'm too young at the moment. But I plan to buy a handgun as a 21st birthday present to myself when the time comes. It's mostly for protection, but also because I just love guns. I plan to collect them if I have ever have the financial means to do so. I could buy a...
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    Godwin's Law Day

    Sure why not. I don't have plans that day anyway.
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    Post a picture of you

    OK, I'll contribute a picture of myself. Got bored and did some editing to this, I think it looks cool.
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    Poll: Do you prefer American English spelling or British English spelling?

    I was taught the British system, so that's what I'm more used to, but I really don't care all that much to be honest with you.
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    What was the number one song the day you were born?

    I'll Be Your Everything - Tommy Page Ugh...what an awful song.
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    If you could give advice to your 14 year old self...

    I'd tell myself at 14 to drink less than I did, try harder in school so hopefully he wouldn't fuck up like I did, and to spend more time with a good friend than I did, because she wasn't around much longer. And maybe he could change that.
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    Battling Euphemisms (Might Contain Inappropriate Language)

    Shaking your fist at your ex-girlfriend.
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    What TF2 Class Are You?

    I switch between Scout, Heavy & Medic randomly. It's hard to say which I'm best with because I'm not particularly good with them. But way better than any of the other classes.
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    The Acronym Game

    H.A.L.O. 3 Horibble.Attrocius.Sequelwithzero.Originality 3
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    The Acronym Game

    E-X-E-C-U-T-I-O-N Excommunicated Xenophobic Entrail Controlling <<< this is an adjective Underling <<< btw this is the subject Testing <<< this is the verb Intellectual Orthodox Nationalism (just wanted to show its actually a sentence... sort of)
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    Your Opinion of My Story

    While I found your story amusing, there are a couple of plot holes: 1) You say that the destruction of trade will render money useless, yet state later that you are going to purchase a Canadian lumber mill. What do you plan on purchasing it with? 2) You say that the flooding will wipe out...
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    The Acronym Game

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    The Acronym Game

    (doh, no text and double post. >>) Silver oval umbrella for liver execution