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    What exactly would it take to wipe humanity off the face of the Earth?

    Other than the sun going into Red Giant mode in a few billion years or something knocking the planet out of orbit, I don't think anything can. Causing society to collapse is certainly possible and likely at some point. However, completely wiping out the species is unlikely given how resourceful...
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    Can anyone recommend a decent book series?

    Warhammer 40k - Horus Heresy Star Wars - Darth Bane trilogy Anything by R.A. Salvatore Orcs by Stan Nicholls Gotrek and Felix series
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    Where Do You Work?

    Law school atm. Worked at the local DA's office last summer. Started my college career in computer science though.
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    People who've never taken alcohol or drugs

    Never done any illegal drugs. Not because I think they are evil, but rather because I (a) don't know where to get any, (b) have no real interest in figuring (a) out, and (c) don't want to risk my future as a district attorney.
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    Who is the best swordsman in fiction?

    Plus, the only time Entreri actually "beat" Drizzt was because of intervention from Jarlaxle and Kimmuriel. Dahlia beat him after she turned into a bitchslutwhore, though.
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    Saints Row IV plot question (Spoilers)

    It's one of those things they probably did but haven't shown it yet. Maybe it will be the last piece of DLC or something. I don't really have an issue with it since it's such an obvious thing that would happen.
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    Trying to Find a Certain Kind of Game

    Huh, maybe it was a different game I was reading about then. I mean the description is perfect for the one I was reading, but maybe there are two. Thanks folks.
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    Trying to Find a Certain Kind of Game

    How is it for solo though? I've heard it's mainly a multiplayer game, which to me is a turn off.
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    Are there any games where YOU are being escorted? If not, how would we make a game like that good?

    Wouldn't be too hard to do in a game for a level. Make the main character get injured and have to make it to the safe zone. Have the AI fight off enemies and be decent at it. Not sure how you could base a whole game off it though.
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    Iowa parents defend bullying of autistic teen

    One of my friends has Aspergers. He was bullied in high school by a few people but most of us just treated him like everyone else. We wouldn't pull punches so to speak regarding certain quirks. But we also wouldn't go out of our way to insult him or anything. In other words we would treat him...
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    Jimquisition: Sexual Failing

    Plus in Witcher 1/2 sex is just sex and with Geralt there is no risk so casual sex is only for the temporary pleasure. Basically how it is in real life. It's not gussied up to make it romance, it's just going at it like woodchucks.
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    8 Most Exciting New Pokemon in X and Y

    And as a fan of WWE the X Pokedex description is perfect. "Although its body is small, its proficient fighting skills enable it to keep up with big bruisers like Machamp and Hariyama." Translation - Rey Mysterio goes toe to toe with Kane.
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    Pokemon X and Y's Charizard Has Two Mega Evolutions

    Well, I know which version I'm getting now.
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    Don't hit a girl?

    ...Go on. No but seriously, I would rather restrain the opponent, regardless of gender, but if that isn't possible the punches will flow.
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    Valve Teases Steam Box With Countdown Timer

    Valve intends to break the internet. Steam Box, Portal 3, Half Life 3. In that order.