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    8 World War II Games to take You Back in Time

    Does nobody remember the close combat series. I spent soo much time in the ardennes. Or any of teh SSG Strategic Studies Group games. Or am I just getting old?
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    #001 - Twice Daily

    Saw the headline "Erin Dies Alone" and immediatley thought they were about to leave the escapist as well.
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    Feed Dump: Library Pee Sale

    Ha ha 649.62 in the dewey system is toilet training.
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    Why the Marvel Movies Should Ditch Peter Parker

    Well you convinced me. I would be for this.Though I dont have any special attachment to spiderman.
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    Bethesda Will Host Its First Ever E3 Press Conference This Year

    *hype* Bethesda announces today that it is going out of business...foerever... Ha ha probably not I would hate to deal with the fallout from that announcement But i am acctually super interested and am firmly aboard the hype train.
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    8-Bit Philosophy: Is Capitalism Bad For You?

    Do that again I loved it. Do more of this. Its nice to see some intellegent content for a chnage.
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    Scientsts Create Scotty, The World's First "Teleporter"

    Kinda thinking the same thing this is jsut two 3d printers hooked up to a network. Not that impressive even from an engineering point of view.
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    What's your favorite science fiction show?

    Babylon 5 hands down
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    Classic Space Sim FreeSpace Returns With New Tabletop Kickstarter

    Would love this. i have always wanted physical models of the ships and spend way too much time at Hard Light Productions. Though i don't know how much interest there will be freespace is more and more becoming a niche market.
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    Roberto Orci No Longer Directing Star Trek 3

    I feel the same way.
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    Game of Thrones' Daenerys Targaryen Recreated in Dragon Age

    Interesting someone used a character creation kit. A look at carachter creation in general may beinteresting. How individuals go beyond the vanilla engine to get what they want. Seeing what is created and why would be really interesting. This is only one example though of what oneperson did all...
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    Wal-Mart Customers Trick Stores to Match a Fake $90 Price for PS4 - Update

    I tip my hat to you. I tip my hat to anyone who cheats walmart.
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    Time to shit on your favorite games!

    Not to mention the god forsaken hauler beast level. Dear god it breaks the game. Till the end of time was great exept for that
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    Escapist's Day Jobs

    No its in Winnipeg. Do alot of history students work at boardgame cafes across the world. Am I just one of a proud group of underemployed historians... the answer is probably.
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    Escapist's Day Jobs

    I work a a board game cafe. but i spend most of my time reading and writing history.