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    lock thread please

    You didn't read the whole post. At the bottom it says if everyone involved understands there will be multiple partners, that's a thing. Not for me, but whatever, it's none of my business. Rereading the quoted line, I suppose I could have been clearer. OP's question was, is cheating more...
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    lock thread please

    Monogamy is monogamy. One partner. Anything else is cheating. You can call it by any name you want. I've heard it argued that monogamy isn't natural behavior. Given that natural behavior is to bash anything you don't like with rocks, immediately and without discussion, I'm going to go ahead...
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    Poll: Assassin's Creed: Are you an assassin or a templar?

    They're both wrong. Total freedom is impossible and undesirable. Imagine if you could simply kill your annoying neighbor/coworker/whoever and walk away. No repercussions, no police, no legal action. Now imagine everyone else can do that to you. Total authority is also impossible and...
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    Is It Follows actually a bad movie? (Spoilers)

    I liked it a lot. Most fun I've had with a horror movie in a while. Reminded me of the best of 80's horror, the stuff that's actually halfway scary. Remember the first Elm Street movie? Great villain, simple premise. Don't fall asleep or Freddy will kill you. It worked because no matter how...
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    The BioWare Romance Trap

    I agree with everything but this. I (straight guy) have yet to play a gay character but I play women all the time. My Saints boss, half my Skyrim characters, the list is extensive. My Shepard was male, but if he had been a she, she would totally have got with Garrus. I don't have to be a woman...
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    Best expansion pack you've ever owned ?

    Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep for Borderlands 2. The base game is already awesome. This is better. Probably the most fun I've had in single player. Lord of Darkness for Diablo II. Didn't care for the new classes but more maps and enemies are always good. Chaos Rising for Dawn of War II.
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    'I told you, you'd like it'

    Got my brother-in-law into Buffy that way: "Give it two episodes." Next time we talked he had watched the whole show and Angel as well. He got me into Discworld so we're even.
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    Poll: Do you use an e-book reader?

    I prefer real paper books. Evocative of memories, satisfying to hold, and satisfying to stack on shelves. I own a Kindle, but to give you an idea of how long it's been since I used it, the screen changed to "battery flat" over a year ago and has stayed that way.
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    Not having the time to listen.

    I do not agree with the notion that just because someone is talking, they 1) have something to say; 2) deserve an audience; 3) are right about anything. Walking away should certainly be saved for repeat offenders or truly interminable situations, but folks should remember wasting others' time is...
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    Worst plot twist you have ever seen in your life

    The Village comes to mind. After absorbing the initial setting I asked myself, "What would be the worst possible twist ending to this?" 70 minutes later, Shyamalan delivered it. The Mass Effect series' ending can suck a dick. Let me spend 90 hours making peace in the galaxy, then have some...
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    Poll: How often do you shave?

    When I work the customer end of my business, and any day there's a social thing. Comes down to about 4 days a week. I keep very short scruff on my chin because I look about fifteen years old clean shaven. My face would harden up if I lost weight but this is easier than dieting. I can't grow...
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    Which superhero/villain are you most like?

    Mostly because I'm a twisted, hopeless, misunderstood, jealous little misanthrope whose hatred of others is only exceeded by his hatred of himself, and whose greatest desire, while modest by society's standards, is forever beyond his reach, mostly just because Ryan Reynolds exists. Mind you...
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    Poll: The poll to end, and begin, all polls

    Option 4 is the best. Why? Because it has the most votes. Majority rules! That's about as funny as I can be while knocked on my ass with fever. Time for another double dose of Tylenol.....
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    Anybody find sex overrated?

    Pretty much this. I'm hopeless at conversation and physically unattractive. Instinct is a damn nuisance. Doesn't matter what I feel like I need or how bad I feel I need it. It only matters what I can have. What I can have is nothing. I'd replace myself with a robot double in a heartbeat. Just...
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    Poll: Snap Response - Gamer fuel

    Soda and candy bars. Not at the same time, though. That's gross.