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    Largest Boss in gamin

    I'm surprised it took 15 posts for somebody to mention Shadow of the Colossus, considering the topic. It's like this thread was made for this game.
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    What would you do if...?

    I'd ask if they were serious. Then I would look for Chloe (his cat). Then I'd go back to eating.
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    It's facebook, but not! Honestly, I've tried to avoid such things as much as possible, but people all around me keep telling me to do the whole social network stuff... BUT I DON'T CAVE TO PEER PRESSURE!
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    No Right Answer: Bruce Campbell vs Nathan Fillion

    Bruce Campbell is the king of the B Movies. There isn't a contest here. I like Fillion, but it's Bruce all the way. Proof.
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    What kind of story would you write?

    My last attempt, and still rather current is based on the fall, and shattering of the Mongol Empire, as seen from the eyes of an outsider as the individual factions break apart and vie for power. But instead of returning to their own lands, the major two vie for supreme power within the vacuum.
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    Over-Powered weapons and armor

    Half-Life 2 Gravity gun. Seriously, after you get it, is there any reason to use any other gun ever? EDIT: Oh wait, yes, there is. One instance where you pretty much need rockets. And that's it.
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    OnLive May Come Pre-installed on PCs & Boot Up Without an Operating System Needed

    That would work. The would just need some kernel to talk to the hardware. And you're right, they're moving into the future with ideas from the past. Frankly, I'm surprised it still lives, I thought it died out because I didn't hear anything about it.
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    Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Info Blowout

    I knew there was a reason I hadn't bought it yet. Now I know.
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    This Game Needs a Remake/Re-Release

    Yeah, that's basically what I'm thinking.
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    Poll: Did the King's Speech deserve the oscar?

    I thought it was a good movie, and Colin Firth played his role well.
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    WOW just went free. (This is a question topic)

    Nope. I gave up my WoW days a long time ago, and now is not the time to get back in.
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    How to Make a Working Steampunk Keyboard

    I think the big question we are all asking is... How much is this going to set us back?
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    A Week of Steam Beats a Year of Xbox Live for Cthulhu Saves the World

    Not really surprised. XBL doesn't push indie games nearly as much as Steam does. Steam is the place for indie games to go.
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    Poll: Harry Potter, "You'll be missed?" or "Good Riddance"

    I'm rather indifferent about the whole thing. I never got into the books, and the movies didn't interest me. So, it's time to let the curtain down, and wait for the next big thing to come along. Hopefully it doesn't in-dignify itself like Star Wars did. Lets be honest, it's better to go...
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    Games with Glitches Ruining It

    I heard that Mercs 2 was unplayable on anything but PC because it was so buggy and glitchy. I'm sure you can find patches and bugfixes for the games on PC, you just gotta look for them.