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    So I've Never Had Physical Contact Before...?

    Party-->Alcohol--->Drunk Girls = How everyone else does it
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    Poll: J Horror and American remakes

    Hey there. I'm in my final year of my film course at school and I need your help with this poll! Please read the question carefully, I'm not asking if American or Japanese horror films are scarier. I want to know if you find the original J-Horror films or their American remakes scarier. Also...
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    Poll: For the Warriors of Skyrim, a Question....

    Warhammer, it does the most damage
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    Why DO people hate Nickelback?

    The music fucking sucks, they sing about stupid bullshit and the lead singer is a total doucher
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    Poll: Will Skyrim be this generations Ocarina of time

    I don't think we'll ever have equivalents to the games that came out in the late 90's. The N64 and Ps1 were FUCKING MAGIC MACHINES, not games consoles
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    Sonic Generations Gets 8.5/10 from........ IGN

    When people talk about Sonic's dumb friends they aren't referencing Knuckles (and maybe Amy at a pinch). Everyone loves Sonic, Tails and Knuckles though, they're the classic trio. When people say "Sonic's dumb friends" they mean these guys(minus the obvious three): EDIT: And the reason...
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    Hardest Moment in Gaming that you have managed?

    It may sound silly but my 7 year old self at Crash Team Racing is the hardest boss ever. I found my old Playstation and games recently and I set some ridiculous times and ghosts on that game 10 years ago which I can't even touch anymore.
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    What brand new games have you bought/ going to buy this year?

    Hmmm Portal 2 Deus Ex 3 Catherine Dark Souls I'll probably get MGS:HD collection too if that counts, oh and Halo Anniversary oh and Uncharted 3 oh and Skyrim oh and...FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
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    Games You'd Buy Twice

    I've never sold a game and then bought it back. That's just a waste of money. I rarely buy or sell games but if I did want to play a game I had sold before I'd just borrow it from a friend or rent it
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    Poll: Be honest, do you actually treat girl gamers the same online? (Minor update)

    I treat everyone I meet online equally i.e. I mute them instantly don't use a mic. I therefore have no idea whether or not I've played a girl on Halo or Street Fighter but if I have I've treated them equally.
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    You are the last human on Earth. What now?

    I'd look for another survivor no matter how slim I though the chances were. What else are you meant to do? Of course I'd take a car full of games consoles, dvds, books etc. with me everywhere I went but yeah I'd just look for someone else
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    (spoilers) Opinion: Mass Effect 2 has some of the weakest writing around (spoilers)

    I don't agree with anything in your original post. The criticisms you make of the writing are either factually incorrect or so nit-picky that I'm not 100% convinced you not some kind of primate and you've mistaken Mass Effect for a mate you need to groom.
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    Aerith Died By Drowning?

    Phoenix Down's don't cure death, they cure K.O. status. As in "Knocked out".
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    Poll: Just Broken The 10000 Gamerscore Barrier

    40,000+ Can't remember exactly. I rent a lot of games Edit: The only games I've got 1000 points on are Dead Space and Halo 3 (although Resi 4 HD will be on that list soon I'm sure)