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    145: It's A Yaoi Thing

    Not a big fan of yaoi, but good work on the article!
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    Editor's Note: It Came From Japan

    Read through all the articles in the set. Really, the only one that I enjoyed was the yaoi one (which surprised me, I don't really go looking for yaoi). The others either didn't acknowledge anything before the 90s or mid-80s (magical girl one and the otaku one), were about Hello Kitty, or...
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    145: Every Little Thing She Does is Magic

    "American magical girls put front and center the importance of kicking butt: They teach girls to push themselves, to be strong and confident, and to make a place for themselves in the world" This is what magical girl anime USED to be about before it was ruined with the later cliches of the...
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    Zero Punctuation: Condemned 2: Bloodshot

    Best review in weeks.
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    145: Konnichi wa, Nihon!

    Personally, I can't stand American and European "otaku" for three reasons. 1. They act like retards. 2. A lot of them claim to love anime and Japan, but then ignore most of the other stuff coming out of Japan and aren't even knowledgeable on anything that came out before 1996 (a good way...