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    Ken Levine Wants You To Stop Staring At His Big Sisters

    gotta disagree with you, tenmar, my old cup-o-tea, my old spotted dick. sorry, haven't had breakfast yet. i think people have cued into the breasts thing rather quickly because we expect maturity from a bioshock game. id say maturity includes not objectifying women. by making her dress...
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    Poll: Alright guys, settle a bet for me. Half Life, Halo, or CoD?

    you're asking the escapist what the best shooter is and you included half life. theres no question whats gonna win. valve is the obvious favorite dev on this site.
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    what is the best square enix rpg for mobile these days? (listed in thread)

    So I'm going on a long trip soon and I'm looking to pick up a good rpg for my iPhone that will last me the trip. the only jrpg i have ever played is pokemon so i thought id play one of squenixs' rpgs that are on the app store. but I'm lost. theres like 50 and i have zero experience with...
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    Skyward Sword

    damn straight yahtzee. fuck Fi. seriously. the worst character. ill take navi over fi. at least navi didn't forcibly stop the game every fucking second to tell me shit i already knew. so far, yeah a couple fetch quests, nothing egregious, and the temples which are 90% of the game are...
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    Thief: Deadly Shadows, it is any good?

    great game. plus the cradle is the scariest game level outside of amnesia.
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    Han Solo Joins Ender's Game Cast

    thats a hell of a good cast. i have hopes that this movie might not suck. my only question is how they will do the all important "game" it seems like it would be hard to portray in a film. also i hope they do enders shadow too, which was just as good, if not, better, than enders game.
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    Preview the Doctor Who MMO

    that pipe dream version is awful. i gave it three tries before giving up and saying screw it.
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    Feed Dump: Reindeer Pâté

    how does kathleen feel about that line, graham? great show though!
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    Rayman Creator Doesn't Like Mario

    i LOVE you michel ancel. great designer, and i completely agree with him
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    BioWare Teases New Game

    looks like rage. in other, related news, MEH.
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    Portal is Free

    so, i just checked steam store it says portal is still 20 bucks. not sure why
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    Editor's Note: Changing with Change

    grats on the promotion steve! i remember back when you started here, writing news and articles. i could tell you were gonna be good for the site. the escapist picked a good replacement for russ. ...not to mention you both have last names that make for great jokes. ;-)
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    Goodbye is Still Goodbye

    goodbye russ. thank you for all the great work you've done for this fine website. you will be missed by all. good luck with all your endeavors. p.s. don't forget to stop by the irc before you leave for good.
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    Report: Internet Explorer 9 Doesn't Suck

    outdated? its from august 2011
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    Report: Internet Explorer 9 Doesn't Suck

    you guys might want to post their definition of "socially -engineered malware" : a web page link that directly leads to a download that delivers a malicious payload whose content type would lead to execution, or more generally a website known to host malware links handy