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    Escapist Podcast: 75: "Toxic" BioWare Forums & Steam Sales

    What is that song during the break?
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    Windows Live won't let me play Bioshock 2 on Steam

    So I have Bioshock 2 on Steam and I want to replay it (because I want to hit things and drill holes in people with my big drill) and Windows Live asks me to sign in. Then it asks to do an update then when the download is done it tells me to exit the game and let the update install. I do this and...
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    From Dust requires you to make a Uplay account?

    So I just got From Dust on Steam and I was disgusted when I found out I had to sign up for Uplay. Before that I had to wait for patches to download which bothered me because when I download games from Steam I assume all the patches would be downloaded and I would be able to start playing right...
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    Trailers: Medal of Honor: Warfighter Single Player Demo

    Tank all the bullets!
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    Show About Games Show: The Cliffhanger

    Can I get a shirt that says that last line? "People who play fair and square... ARE SQUARES"
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    Hair dying and books about videogames

    Ok so another question. How do I bealch my hair? I don't know how. Also what are good bleaching products?
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    Hair dying and books about videogames

    Ok so I have two questions for the Escapist. One has nothing to do with gaming at all (which is why I guess the off-topic forums are here for) and the other... eh it kinda does. So first off I wanna dye my hair some crazy colour like green but I've been told since I have black hair, Asian...
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    Books about videogame violence/controversy etc.

    I'm doing an essay about videogame violence, the controversy about it etc. and I know there is a lot of articles on the Escapist but I need help finding books. Books available in Canadian libraries would appreciated. Thanks guys.
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    Pile of wood = art? TL;DR: Story goes some guy hauls away some wood from an unmarked pile of wood. Turns out its an art sculpture called "Deadwood Sleep". Artist was paid $5000 dollars to build said sculpture. Is this art?: I...
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    Review: Kirby's Epic Yarn

    When I grow up I wanna be a firetruck :P
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    Your weapon in the zombie apocalypse. (with a twist)

    A tissue box... Thanks now if I catch a cold I'll be set!
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    Poll: Is it Paul from ENN??

    Ok so I was watching =3 on youtube and came upon one of his videos. And it showed what looks like Paul from ENN with... objects on his head. Is it really him? Can it be?? Here one the videos:
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    Announcing The Sunday Funnies!

    That was damn entertaining! :D I'm going to be reading these every other Sunday :)
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    Bethesda Unveils Fallout: New Vegas Collector's Edition - UPDATED

    Wait is it a DLC like Operation Anchorage that I need Fallout 3 to play or a full out game?
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    Brace Yourself for the Boobquake!

    I loled through the whole thing as I read this! Is that bad?