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    Funniest online name?

    My friend occasionally goes by LAG You were killed by LAG. Perfect for everyone who moans about their poor internet connection. Like me.
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    Stupid Ideas that should have stayed in people's heads

    I provide the- oh god, baconnaise on pancakes and sausage on a stick?! To be serious, I say whatever the term would be for Nazi Germany. Also, racism, sexism, and every -ism that leads to bigotry.
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    Zero Punctuation: Little Big Planet

    Considering the sheer amount of sexuality in this review, I am surprised that the Dr. Manhattan character was devoid of such characteristics. That being said, I still find the entire review to be one of Yahtzee's best in a little while.
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    Life lessons you've learned from a video game.

    From Half Life 2: In a dystopian city controlled by our alien overloards, the only escape routes are filled with see saw puzzles. From Bioshock: Upon discovery of dirty syringes filled with a glowing goop, the best course of action is to quickly inject it into your arm. Trust us, it's safe. :)
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    Funniest Typos

    Ah yes, I once was in the thick of a discussion of the nature of love on this very site, when one individual claimed that the act of defining love is remarkably challenging, I meant to say: "It can't be that hard, it's not like I asked you to divide by zero or anything" but I typed: "It can't be...
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    meanist person EVER!

    Uhm, can I apply Godwin's Law?
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    Poll: Death Penalty

    Were the death penalty capable of preventing the crimes they apply to, then I would be all for it, but all the literature I have come across dictates that it does not, so there really is no point to it.
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    You: The Movie!

    The Story of A Kitty: The Joswie Story (and I fail)
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    The Story Behind Your Avatar

    The cat I experimented on humanely, dealing with cards and petting, the name is silly code, see Geohot, the one who unlocked the iPhone (George Hotz).
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    Best Kind of Goverment?

    There is no best government, governments must simply be attatched to the attributes of a nation.
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    From "Wanted" (already posted my answer)
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    Who's your favourite female video game character?

    The spy from TF2, she is so good at her job, I bet you didn'teven realize that was a female. (This also applies to ninja)
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    The Ephi-tree....come if you are curious...

    My Epiphany: I have no life to live other than to live.
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    Well, I don't really know. After all, I'm just a small town girl, living in a lonely world, I took teh midnight train going anywhere. Just a city boy, born and raised in south detroit, he took the midnight train going anywhere. A singer in a smokey room, the smell of wine and cheap perfume, for...
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    A little game I concocted with the voices in my head

    Bill O'Reily on the internet? (yes I fail) "I dislike the current state of the American economy:it just seems too tinny."