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    Name that Game!

    Figured it out: "Stubbs the Zombie"
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    Name that Game!

    So I was watching zp and so the Chainsaw lollipop video and it made me think of a game I only vaguely remember playing some time ago. The fact that I can't remember the game is driving me a bit nuts so I thought I would ask for help from others who may remember the game. As I recall it...
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    Poll: Elite: Dangerous Good or Bad

    So a few months back Yatzee talked about E:D in one of his vids and I jumped on it like a mad man. I was a huge fan of the X series until X:Rebirth and E:D looked like what I really wanted from X. I mean the graphics are beautiful and the universe is huge, the controls work really well and...
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    The Truth Behind The Baby Sarlacc Threat, and More Strange Science

    So I don't know how much freedom authors have over the underlying html, but if you wanted to recreate the "game" feeling of an article like this a hidden spoiler tags do in the comments would achieve this. If the underlying platform is written well, the article should be able to tell if it is...
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    Zero Punctuation: Elite: Dangerous - Space Truckin'

    Well Frontier owes Yatzee 5.99 (10% is std yes?) I had never heard of this game before this video but it looks exactly like what I wanted when I bought X-Rebirth. X-Rebirth feels like what happens when a developer tries to "simplify" a game while failing to realize the primary audience for...
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    Problems with Doctor Who and what needs to be fixed

    I have just felt that the doctor has been mean and acting from base emotion. It isn't the vision of the character I have. I like the "mad man with a box" idea. Yes he gets serious every now and then, but really he is just lonely and has one thing he likes to show off to make friends and...
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    The Big Picture: Don't Censor Me!

    Would you settle for a sort of Haiku? - If Censorship is - Power used to hurt others - is power evil?
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    Confess your nerd sins

    Nerd sins - I don't think I really like the latest season of Dr Who. (though I'll keep watching for awhile longer) - Watched two episodes of Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock and didn't love it - Never got past the first 15 minutes of Game of Thrones the TV show and never read past the first...
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    Should and Is - the disconnect that drives us all mad

    I have been reading some interesting article and posts on the website today including Yatzee's...
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    The Big Picture: Don't Censor Me!

    Should you have a right to do it? Under many accepted ethical models, I don't think you should have that ability. Legally, you don't at least not in America. At least that is how I understand our laws around monopoly, but even if those laws did not exist, I would question if this is an...
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    How Bayonetta's Gender is Relevant to the Game

    well said on both counts. It is an interesting and amusing article with a almost mean disregard for language. Dare I even say it had a fresh perspective on a subject that has of late been little more than a shouting match?
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    The Big Picture: Don't Censor Me!

    I am going to attack this from a different angle and go after the somewhat understated underlying assumption that censorship is ethically, morally or legally wrong. Legally, the U.S. government is forbidden from taking actions of censorship. However even that has exceptions...
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    The Big Picture: Remembering the Real Jack Thompson

    This is not necessarily a logical fallacy. But a legit counter argument. Using Thunderf00t's video to make your point is an implicit appeal to authority. The response is that this person is not an authority on the subject and the evidence being other statements he has made on the topic and...
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    This Week's Doctor Who Is Must-Watch Sci-Fi

    I have to admit I've been iffy on this season so far. I've been a big dr who fan for some time, but this doctor seems mean and mean spirited things I do not associate with the doctor. In this episode he referred to the supporting character as a pudding head at the very beginning and didn't...
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    Jimquisition: Stupid Sexy Bayonetta

    I agree with your point, but I wanted to say that the above would make a horrible game. Well potentially, I guess the Sims gets away with it and I have even played and enjoyed the sims, but ... "Bayonetta does Chores" probably wouldn't sell.