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    Study Says Gamers Can't Tell "Adaptive AI" From a Placebo

    Wow, this whole "experiment" seems like complete bullshit. Not to mention that when people ask for adaptive and smart AI in games, they fucking mean that the AI in the game needs to be good - Not the damn map generator, who gives a fuck?
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    Competitive Gamer Arrested For Hitting Ex-Girlfriend

    Keep up those totally misleading article titles, escapist? Seriously, how many article titles have we all seen that are completely inaccurate in describing any part of the content?
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    Violent Videogames are Awesome

    As much as I love this article, it's too bad we have to state and re-state the points made in it every time a tragedy occurs.
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    Most disturbing stalkers in games

    Verdugo from Resident Evil 4.
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    Nintendo Urges Wii Owners to Please, Please Upgrade

    Holy shit, I can't believe the Wii U has been out for 6 months already. What noteworthy games for it have come out in that time? Other than ZombiU? Anything?
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    The Time I Was a Madman in Half-Life 2

    You're right. Half-life 2 would have been way better with Gordon constantly going "WHOA, THE CITADEL. HUH." or "MY GOD, THEY ENSLAVED PEOPLE LIKE SLAVES. I'VE GOT TO STOP THEM!!" or "YOU JUST GOT BARRED. CROW-BARRED, THAT IS."
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    When you lost the 'willing' part from willing suspension of disbelief

    The new Tomb Raider game. After about the 10th time that whatever Lara's standing on decides to go "fuck you" and collapse, setting in motion a series of events that serve NO purpose whatsoever other than to BEAT THE LIVING SHIT out of Ms. Croft, I kind of got to the point where I was going...
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    DOOM Meets Half-Life Courtesy Garry's Mod

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    Fallout: New Vegas companion problem...

    Make her use her 10mm pistol instead.
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    Cool Song, Shit Video

    Oh my God, I forgot about how terrible This Is War's video is. Yes, sing more about how terrible war is WHILE SHOOTING A GUN DRESSED AS A SOLDIER IN SLOW MOTION. Holy christ.
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    Thief Will Feature a "Less Goth" Garrett - UPDATED

    I've had too many beloved franchises be rebooted in a spirit that's not even close to the original to have my hopes high for this. But we'll see.
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    I think I'm about to be dumped.

    I like how the first spoiler tag started treating into literotica territory there. 10/10 would read again.
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    The Father vs The Mother

    Get an abortion.
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    where's your god now?

    Playing War Thunder. I was coming in to land on the airfield in a bomber, but at the same time an enemy fighter was already on the ground there and began firing at me. Even though he was parked, he was at the perfect angle to light me up with his machineguns. Instead of continuing to land, I...
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    The Matrix

    Go back and watch the matrix, and just pay attention to the cinematography - The positioning of the camera, how the different shots take place and how the audience gets taken on a literal roller coaster ride through the whole thing. The cinematography and camerawork alone makes that movie...