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    Poll: Final Fantasy X remake - do YOU hate it?

    If they fix that god awful voice acting and maybe redesign some characters (Seymour and that fucking hair) I can get behind it I guess. Still think they should trying to make good new games instead of remakes.
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    Police shoot an "armed" middle school student

    If you are dumb enough to hold up any kinda gun up in front of police you deserve anything you get.
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    Poll: Would you enjoy the universe if it turned into an anime?

    Yes. Then I could walk down the block and stumble upon an ancient magical superpower or a giant prototype high tech robot suit. I see no flaw in this logic.
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    Poll: Which generations of Pokemon do you "recognize"?

    1-4. 5th generation just started looking waaaay too stupid. And thats saying something considering the games and geared toward children.
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    Even the Floor Hates the New Dante

    Holy shit that was a fucking cartoon. I'm at a loss of words on describing how much of a stupid cartoon that looked like. God those big stupid billboards with his name on it making cheesy evil voices, fuck.
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    your hipster thing

    I had hideous curly long hair before it was popular. And I had an ironic mustache and beard before it was ironic to have a mustache and beard.
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    The last song you listened to is now your country's national anthem.

    Spirit in the Sky by Doctor and the Medics? Thats... odd.
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    Mexican water turns people gay. And bald! Also, creationism is true. GO HOME, DARWIN!

    B-B-B-BUZZKILL. What everyone was thinking it...
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    Peruvian Scientists Discover Alien Corpse

    Looks weird = aliens. Hard science right here.
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    Poll: Nickelback

    I liked the one song I've heard from them for whatever thats worth. Course there may be some bias with that being it was in a very well edited AMV.
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    Poll: What upcoming 3ds game are you looking forward to?

    Stop lying no one owns a 3ds.
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    Why don't YOU have Skyrim?

    I don't have Skyrim because my computer is made of wood and held together with toothpicks and unused CD cases. And I'm poor as fuck.
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    Laughably bad films

    Twilight New Moon. That move is funny as fuck and it isn't suppose to be. Watching Belle get knock 20 feet into a cadenza over a paper cut is comedy gold. Same with her flying off a motorcycle and busting her head open on a rock. Genius.
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    Poll: Contemporary Anime Sucks: An In Depth Argument

    Ya whole thread sounds like crying being that those 2 are filler beasts. Naruto is in a lovely rut of bullshit fillers that kill the mood of the upcoming war, and Bleach is... Bleach, tedious at the best at times and annoying at all others.
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    Does anyone else not like Harry Potter?

    Read first book and thought it was dull as all hell. Got 40 pages into the second one and said fuck it. But movies 1-4 and 8 were alright.