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    Microsoft: Xbox One Launch Line-Up Best "in Console History"

    23 games and only two I care about and can't get on one of the other consoles.
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    XCOM: Enemy Within Standalone Expansion Changes and Additions

    Those new features do sound cool but I sincerely hope there's more than that if it's going to be a full on expansion pack. I'll reserve judgement until it comes out. Thing's I like: * The addition of new maps, especially the fact that ufos can now land near buildings. * The Mech Suits...
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    So why is it offensive to consider homosexuality as a choice?

    Well first of all it isn't a choice. You can't just wake up today and say "You know what, I'm going to be attracted to that person." The main reason, I think, is that it's often used to try and justify homophobia and condemn homosexuality as somehow being immoral.
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    Petition to Free Jailed League of Legends Player Reaches 100,000 Sigs

    Let me start by saying that was a really stupid and tasteless thing to say. However this is the sort of thing that warrants a fine or community service at the most. People saying things like "we should make an example of this kid" (potentially ruining his life and/or driving him to suicide)...
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    Poll: Has Microsoft's changes to Xbox One DRM changed your decision on getting the console?

    Not really. I feel like removing the DRM is like putting a bandaid on a headshot wound. There's still the lack of backwards compatibility and the anti pre-owned game software and the mandatory Kinect and the fact that it seems more interested in being an inferior television than a game console...
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    Poll: Who IS buying the Xbox One?

    It's not much of a poll if there's only one option. I would like to see how many people won't be buying an Xbox One in comparison to the people who are.
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    Microsoft Exec: "If You're Backwards Compatible, You're Really Backwards"

    God no wonder WiiU sales shot up over 800% in the UK.
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    The first videogame you ever played

    If I remember right the first game I played was DOOM II at the age of 8. I still play it today. And of course the game had no negative effect on my childhood. Now if you'll excuse me I have to wash the blood out of my clothes.
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    EA CEO John Riccitiello Resigns - UPDATED

    Oh joy. Let's celebrate by making fun of statements made by EA and Johnny Boy. Yes I could truly see the passion with which he took every opportunity to screw over the paying customers. "Employees who's creativity and talent I enjoyed crushing and despoiling with our harsh deadlines...
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    Rumor: More Evidence Suggests Always-Online For Next Xbox

    So... always online DRM (which will be all fine and dandy until the servers crash), forced use of the Kinect, games required to be installed thereby taking up a ton of space (seriously I've tried installing games on the 360 they take up a HUGE amount of space) all of which will probably jack the...
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    Update: Richard Garriott: "Most Game Designers Really Just Suck"

    Rich, people who live in glass houses should not make games like Ultima 9.
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    Woah woah woah... Bonies?

    I remind you that this movie's main plot revolves around a zombie becoming human again because he fell in love.
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    J.J. Abrams Signs Up To Direct Star Wars VII

    *Sigh* And to think I actually had hope for the sequel trilogy.
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    Disney Infinity Will Have On-Disc DLC

    Oh my God I am so shocked, who could have possibly predicted this? (Sarcasm)
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    Just about to start Dark Souls, any tips?

    1. Start with a melee class like Warrior, Ranger or Rogue. 2. Choose the Master Key. If you play as a Rogue you'll start with it regardless of what gift you choose. 3. Practice parries and ripostes. Also work on ways to get in a good position to back-stab someone or attack them from above...