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    Hello Games Working on No Man's Sky Patch to Address "Most Critical Issues"

    Works fine for me. Probably because I don't treat my PC like shit and keep it updated. Still people will always whine.
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    Poll: Would a game where you played a nazi/terrorist be acceptable?

    Try Iron Front, they've pulled out the stops to emulate the weapons and vehicles used by the Germans and Russians during WW2 and it's based on the Arma II engine. You can get a D-Day 1944 DLC as well. The map editor allows you to create your own scenarios as well so you have complete...
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    Why do some parents have an aversion to explaining homosexuality to their children?

    This is as simple as it gets. It's what I explained to my kids and they just said 'oh ok' simple as that. It's only an issue if you turn it into one.
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    Browncoats Drive New Firefly Lego Set Toward Production - UPDATED

    Could have called the response to this given the outcome of the Shaun of the Dead set: "all LEGO products, regardless of age target, must be content appropriate for our core audience. With this in mind we have decided that ? good though the model is ...
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    Poll: Security Guards V.S. 12-year old punk

    To anyone who thinks that 12 year olds are immune from discipline - FUCK YOU. You people with this stupid mentality are responsible for the number of kids round my area roaming the streets, smashing shit up and, if called out on it - threatening adults with weapons. I feel angry when I see...
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    Handwriting: Should it continue to be taught?

    My kids have been told they have to write in joined up writing. Their un-joined writing is still not good enough and joined up it becomes a scrawl. I've had conflicts over the teachers because I refuse to let them use joined up until their non-joined writing improves. I'd rather my kids...
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    I'm gonna sound soooo racist but...

    I prefer women over men (entirely) does that make me sexist? It's just preference - don't worry about it.
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    If you could have any game in HD, what game would you want?

    Hmmm, pimania would be pretty fun in HD
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    Is killing a healthy horse by gun illegal if you own it?

    How many times...? You can't solve all your problems by shooting them!
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    You vs Your Avatar.

    Telekinesis, one step towards him and you'll find your throat tightening and that's it, game over.
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    You vs Your Avatar.

    He's a little Italian guy... I feel bad.
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    Inside the Sick Mind of a School Shooter Mod

    "Grow up, attention whore" is the only thing I'd like say to the developer.
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    Enter your unverifiable age to watch this video of questionable content.

    I've always found it entirely pointless to require a full date of birth to watch a video. Just a year of birth would be sufficient - if you're borderline you'll no doubt put an earlier year anyway... It's a 'tickbox' for the censors, that's all it is.
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    Gaming pranker and his family fall victim to extreme revenge prank

    Your use of EOCC guidelines is a rather shabby straw man that has nothing to do with the subject matter. Harassment is the abuse of your position to coerce another person to do your will. He escalated himself into a position of control within the extension of her personal space that the...
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    Poll: Vote for your GOTY!! (revised)

    Red Dead Redemption... by a long way ahead of the poll options.