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    A Person Uses Transgender Law To Expose Gender Discrimination

    Wow, chill the fuck out, I'm on your side here! I'm not asking for people to run around with medical paperwork, I was just reacting to the question of how to prove how this jackass was abusing the system besides just going by his own words.
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    A Person Uses Transgender Law To Expose Gender Discrimination

    "Why hello there good sir, would you care to provide proof from a licensed physician/psychologist indicating that you've been diagnosed with gender dysphoria?"
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    Star Wars: Battlefront 3 Fan Remake Galaxy in Turmoil Gets Cease and Desist from Lucasfilm

    On the bright side, that just destroyed the final shred of interest I had in ever picking up Battlefront.
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    #129: And Away

    It actually looks like he hit him with the flat of the blade instead of the edge, hence sending him flying. Quite possibly waiting for Althea to bugger off before horrifyingly dismembering some people just doing their jobs.
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    Steam Summer Sale 2016 After Action Report

    My after action report is that I've been broke for a month and get my first paycheck from my new job on the 5th.
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    #123: That Old Trick

    And then it reacts with that blue soda shit...
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    Dead Rising 4 Only a Timed Exclusive For Xbox

    Well, that's one less game I might have to pick up.
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    #122: Stealth Takedown

    For a raccoon, Rad can pull off a pretty good missile dropkick.
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    Kojima Productions' First Game is Death Stranding, Starring Norman Reedus

    So the first thing Kojima does upon being freed from the clutches of Konami is "mpreg Norman Reedus". And Sony is going with this. o7 Godspeed Hideo, you magnificent sonnuvabitch.
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    The Nostalrius Team Says Blizzard Wants Legacy Servers

    I refuse to believe that a company that has thrown millions at developing shit before tossing it out when it didn't meet their standards like Blizzard has doesn't have some spare interns around to fix this shit, especially when the Nostalrius devs managed to do this as a fucking fan project.
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    #116: Just the Healer

    *Waifu Intensifies*
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    Odd things that annoy you from bad works of fiction

    I fucking loathed Eragon on many levels, but the thing that kept getting me was how the author not only indulged in telling instead of showing various parts of the setting but also seemed to insist on never actually following through on those exposition dumps. "Ah, your father, the head of...
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    If it rained in RL as much as it does in Witcher 3...

    Yeah. Dutchman here, fecking Witcher 3's a breeze compared to our autumns and springs. I mean, in CDProjekt's defense, it does look really good.
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    Poll: Who is your Overwatch Waifu!

    And lo, we are three. Because fuck yeah, muscles.
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    #110: Stuck in the Middle With You

    I see what you did there, Grey.