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    Cheap Graphics Cards

    550Ti is overpriced. Go with a 5770 or 460 instead. Also I think 6870s are around $175 now. Also PhysX is only used in a handful of games.
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    Need help selecting power and cooling for my PC

    Go with Antec or Seasonic for the PSU. 650w should be fine for a single card. Maybe 750w if you want to SLI/Crossfire. Stock fans should be fine if you're not overclocking. Get the Hyper 212+ or NH-D14 if you are.
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    Poll: Alienware or Republic of Gamers?

    If you absolutely have to, go with Asus. Otherwise it's better to just build a gaming PC.
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    I am looking to build my first PC and need advice on parts so far and parts still left.

    It's Aria [] and yeah most of the time the PSU's that come with the case are pretty bad unless they're from Antec or Corsair or something.
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    Poll: Help needed for semi-gaming PC!

    Give us the rest of the specs.
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    I am looking to build my first PC and need advice on parts so far and parts still left.

    Go with 2x2gb of RAM. Also if you're on a budget, go with 500GB or less of HDD space; you can always add more later. As far as cases go, just get one that fits all your parts with good airflow and cable management. Also you're missing a PSU. There's not much you can do with £300...
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    Help me buy a graphics card

    The Antec 300 is pretty much being phased out and replaced by the One Hundred, which has a few more features, weighs a bit less, and is a bit cheaper. Also why wouldn't you want to overclock? The initial cost is like $10 more and will give you better performance in games than just throwing...
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    Help me buy a graphics card

    Uh. H67 and matx, non-k 2500, Caviar Green as primary drive,obsolete case, a PSU that's going to limit upgradibility, and more RAM than needed. bit-tech one is better. PSU on the small side though.
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    Help me buy a graphics card

    Bad as in not good.
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    Help me buy a graphics card

    That build is pretty bad. Also no you won't have to reinstall windows but you might have to revalidate it.
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    Help me buy a graphics card

    Learning how to build one would be a good start. Look around on the internet for some tutorials; there's a lot of videos on youtube. Then buy the parts from Newegg.
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    Connecting PS3 to DELL SE198WFP Monitor [HALP!]

    There's usually a 'source' or 'input' option on the monitor. The icon is usually a square with an arrow pointing in it. Try using that to set the input to digital/DVI.
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    do steam games play off an external hard drive?

    You could but unless your laptop has an eSATA port it'd be incredibly dumb.
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    a quiet gaming pc

    Swap out the fans for some low power Gentle Typhoons. Expensive, but very effective and quiet. Also go for a good HSF like the NH D14. Hyper 212+ if the NH D14 is too expensive.
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    Laptop choice help!

    Depends on what you're looking for. For general computing and schoolwork, I'd recommend a Thinkpad. Expensive, but top notch build quality. Otherwise something from Dell or HP would work, but keep in mind these laptops generally use Intel IGPs which are generally terrible for gaming. For...