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    Question for fighting game fans.

    Okay. Let's make a thought experiment out of this. Let's make special moves in SF4 single-button maneuvers. What changes? Now, the player has access (on Ryu, because he is The Example Character) to dragon punch, fireball, swirlykick, super, and ultra, with a single buttonpress. Now everyone...
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    Favorite power-up

    I'ma have to go with the Velocithor V2-10 in Iji. It may not be possible to fire that weapon without yelling.
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    A twist on the old "sex change" thread

    You're very welcome to post your idealized version of this thread in your own! That could also be interesting.
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    A twist on the old "sex change" thread

    I don't think this one has been done before. I'm intrigued to see what happens! You wake up one morning, and you and your sig. other discover that THEY have spontaneously changed to a body of the opposite sex. Primary and secondary sex characteristics (facial hair, breasts, genitals, etc)...
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    Poll: Would You Push The Button? (Moral Dilemma)

    Frankly I don't think I'd push the button even if it were someone not necessarily in my family.
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    The Hurt Foot Locker

    Someday, someone will make a combination clothes/shoe store plus internet cafe. You would almost literally have a captive clientele. Paint it with bright primary colors and label it like a day care if that makes you feel better. We boyfriends will do our best to make sure our girlfriends shop at...
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    Gender Swapped for a month. Now what?

    Oh sweet holy crap, change the *gender* but not sex? You are a twisted, twisted soul. And then to have it switch back after a month! That's the kind of stuff that would keep Lovecraft awake at night. You need to write horror novels.
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    Your Dad Might Not Be Your Dad. Response?

    It'd be useful to know which is the genetic precursor for medical reasons, but really, "father" is a role that cannot be played in just a five second span nine months prior to birth, and a father (or a mother, for that matter) is the one that passes on the truly important parts of a person.
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    Poll: If You Could Switch Your Sex/Gender...

    Hm. Not having to deal (nearly as much) with facial hair? Plus. Girl parts to mess around with and figure out and understand and try out? Super plus. Slightly different waist to hip ratio? Meh, not a problem. Girls can get haircuts and wear jeans/shirts/jackets too, so that's not a problem...
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    What Are You a Sucker For?

    I am a complete sucker for piano lines in just about any tune, for psionics, and for counter stances. I just can't not love any of those things.
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    Escape to the Movies: Captain America

    This is frustrating! Why do you have to take time aside all the goddamned time to note how a woman is "hot" on screen, when that's A) sexist (note how you treat men in reviews, now look again at how you comment on women), B) pointless (if for some reason the "eye candy factor" is going to play a...
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    Ok, the main character of the last game you played attacked you... How screwed are you?

    Oh god, Mao and Laharl are level 6972 and 1027, respectively...
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    Poll: Prostitution should it be legal?

    Yes, it should be legalized, but only if we get a job market going in this country first so people have the ability to choose another profession if they want to. As it is right now, if we legalized prostitution and set up employers in the trade, women would be forced into it anyway--and at lower...
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    Trailers: Warhammer 40k: Space Marine: Combat System

    Do "gore junkies" exist? I mean, seriously. Also, this video totally did not sell me on the game. Looks like Darksiders with more numerous but less capable enemies. Mass combat was best done in recent memory in Batman: Arkham Asylum, and no God of War clone nor Dynasty Warriors-"inspired"...
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    Pro-Gamer Gauntlet: Pro-Gamer Gauntlet: Pilot

    Not confident in the writing. Might tune in again at episode 30 or so to see how things have changed and improved. Acting and pacing could use a lot of work, too. I'm unmoved.