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    #145: Gloat Time

    Oh god, he's gone full Sephiroth. However he may of made a mistake of going shirtless. If my memory serves me correctly the last boss fight when he battles shirtless didn't go great for him.
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    #144: Light my Fire

    This is about to turn into something on the level of the Cabin the Woods elevator scene, isn't it?
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    #142: Hazy Recollections

    Am I crazy or did Erin's dream sound a lot like Ciri's in the Witcher 3? Either that's a reference or dreaming about a tower and snow is waaay more of a fantasy trope than I thought.
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    New Overwatch Patch Gives Ana a Buff While Tweaking McCree Yet Again

    This is always the argument that gets made. "You nerfed X. Just remove X from the game already! You ruined X!"
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    Battleborn Adding New Hero Pendles on August 4

    At this point it wouldn't surprise me if the recent PC release of EDF 4.1 does better than Battleborn in the long run.
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    Holy shit! EDF 4.1 is out on PC?! Happy Birthday to me! Oh yeah...Overwatch,something,something,something...EDF! EDF! EDF! Fuck Yeah! Time to kill some bugs!
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    Spielberg's BFG Flops at Box Office

    Owww... Anyone besides me think even the name might not of helped? Sorry, but when you say BFG all I'm thinking of is the Doom Gun. I actually wonder how many people were more confused rather than interested by that name.
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    The 2016 Steam Summer Sale Has Begun

    I'm $186.68 down in the first three hours. How is everyone else holding on?
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    Report: Steam Summer Sale Starting Next Week

    I have over $300 saved for the sale I've building up since April. BRING IT ON F**KERS! I'M READY FOR YA THIS TIME!!
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    The Overwatch Team Plans to Look Into Lowering Widowmaker's "Frustration Threshold"

    I'm not sure what they can do with her either. Maybe reduce her health a bit so she's a bit more vulnerable to a lucky flanker that gets through?
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    So, how many dudes here roll a female character? Also vice versa?

    I chose a Female avatar in Warframe because I just prefered it's voice options over the male versions.
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    Overwatch Cheaters Are Getting Wrecked By Blizzard

    Gotta say, totally fine with this. As someone who has encountered more than a few aimbot/outright immortal players in TF2, it's great to play a game were I have found zero cheaters so far. It's probably for the best as well. Overwatch seems far more tense than TF2 and nothing would be a...
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    The Elder Scrolls Online Dark Brotherhood DLC Launched Today

    I keep forgetting this game exists.
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    #108: Duel

    I hope they go with Gunny whipping his ass. I hate the damn trope of these assholes showing up and being unbeatable during the first encounter.
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    #105: Mighty Steed

    If that was a Chocobo-sized Cucco those soliders would all be running for their lives now.