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    Farcebook and the escapist

    ...but you can comment on things without a Facebook account. All the videos, articles and news get their own thread, which can be reached by pressing the "Comments [X]" text under the tags. And no, you're not the only without a Facebook account. Many people don't; I don't, for example.
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    What happened to game manuals!?

    This could be it... but then again, many games that do have tutorials also come with nice, big manuals. The Pokémon games, for example. They all come with big manuals with lots of info, yet they have tutorials in-game.
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    Your childhood game!

    Oh, I also played Age of Empires and Age of Empires II. How could I forget? Regicide all day every day.
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    How far would you go for a game you really like?

    Can't say I've done all that crazy stuff over games. I've only bought some games twice (BF2 and 2142 come to mind) and imported some from the US to get the Limited Editions.
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    Your childhood game!

    Strangely enough, I played mostly RTS when I was younger, a genre which I rarely play nowadays. Mostly Westwood games (R.I.P.) with a bit of Warcraft on the side. Hell, now that I think about it, I just might have played all of the games in the First Decade. Not too sure on the expansion packs...
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    What can I run on my crappy laptop?

    Can You Run It? [] is a pretty reliable website for finding out if you can run certain games. I don't trust it 100% though.
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    Gamers Demand Dark Souls PC Port

    I can defeat all the demons in Demon's Souls but I can't for the life of me get a farm going. God damn dwarfs.
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    Poll: Which Pokemon Gen did you start off with?

    I was first introduced to the series when my cousin bought Pokémon Blue, but I didn't get my own game until generation two (Silver, shortly followed by Red). I then stopped for several years at generation three and didn't buy any Pokémon games until maybe a year later or so when I bought one of...
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    Is there a dev company whose games you will play, no questions asked?

    I can't say that there are. There are some companies whose games I refuse to play though.
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    Poll: Is The "PC Elitist" As Common As The Escapist Would Like To Think?

    I don't doubt their existence, but I can't say I've ever met a PC elitist. And no, I'm not one myself. I play on and enjoy both.
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    Dark Souls for PC: Petition

    I will gladly shell out 500 SEK for a PC copy even though I already have it on PS3. Just so that I can engage in JOLLY COOPERATION [] with my buddies.
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    Half life 2

    If I recall correctly, the hunters will shoot off the magnusson devices with their flechettes if you don't kill them. So yes, you have to kill them. Best of the game? Best part of the game. []
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    Your favourite WoW Zones? (before and after Cataclysm)

    I rather enjoyed both the aesthetics and leveling in Hellfire Peninsula, both as Alliance and Horde. The Fel Reaver, Lord Khazzak, Hellfire Citadel and the outdoor PvP objectives made it really memorable to me. Easily my favourite zone in the entire game and The Burning Crusade my favourite...
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    If you could create a single game

    Indeed... Oh, well. At least I can look forward to PS3 emulators with Demon's Souls and Dark Souls in the future.
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    Help in Skyrim.

    Shit, man, don't anger the leeks. They'll cause allergic reactions and poke your eyes out.