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    Best "Ice level" music?

    For me, without a doubt this:
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    Three CD-ROM Games for Girls Could Return Through Kickstarter

    "[...]richly-drawned characters[...]" By what universe's standards? It looks dodgy even for it's time.
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    The Wishlist: Logitech G930

    Talk about video advertisements. The acting/reading off a piece of paper is really, really bad (borderline cringe-inducing). I cannot see this benefiting anyone, apart from the people who got paid to make it. Hey, maybe the Escapist can partner up with QVC?
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    Polish Man Answers His Iron

    What on earth is happening? Two "news" articles on things that have absolutely NOTHING to do with gaming, movies or anything this website is about at all. Is the Escapist aiming for a broader demographic now? Curve balls are tolerable once in a while, but this trend is now concerning.
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    Valve Plans Living-Room Gaming PCs for 2013

    It amuses me how many people bring up exclusive titles as a reason for "Steambox" not succeeding. Has everyone neglected to notice that this generation has ushered in the cross-platform releases? At the beginning of the current gen, when consoles were still fresh, both Sony and Microsoft...
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    Pandaria Player Livestreams Passion on TwitchTV

    REALLY losing hope for the Escapist now. First the "League of Legends Player Accidentally Streams Masturbation" and now this? Can't be bothered to put effort into researching something actually relevant to gaming? No journalistic integrity whatsoever.
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    Assassin's Creed III Review

    I'm sorry but this felt more like a commercial rather than a review. I'm assuming you're a journalist that gets paid for your work and I expect the coverage to be a little less one-sided, not gushes of excitement. 5 stars? Really? I don't buy that. It's Dragon Age 2 all over again. This...
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    New Elder Scrolls Online Screens Emerge

    I'll jump in here and disagree. You do not need to cram in a story into an MMO for people to play it. In fact, most MMO's have horrible stories, but that does not stop millions of people from playing them. Why? It's because the two main reasons why people play MMO's are gameplay and social...
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    League of Legends Player Accidentally Streams Masturbation

    ...This is what The Escapist now considers worthy of writing about? EDIT: Sorry, beaten to it.
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    "Valve rarely release games" - NONESENSE!

    You have no idea what you're talking about, do you? I doubt you realise that any engine can be tweaked to accommodate whatever style of gameplay the developer wants. Ever heard of a Half-Life 1 modification called Earth's Special Forces? Look it up. FPS games based on dominance have...
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    EA Offers Notch to put Minecraft on Origin, for free.

    First Notch supports the idea of Origin for the competitiveness in the industry and then says this. Now people are saying he's a hero? Really? This is a guy that released a single, buggy, unfinished game...
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    Mass Effect 3 "Change The Ending" Petition (almost certainly spoilers)

    I also wouldn't imagine everyone wearing armor. Isn't the point of the Geth virtual interface is to SHARE KNOWLEDGE? Meaning the data recorded by the geth would contain info what the quarians looked like. And then what about Jokers ability to escape an explosion FTL shockwave? Ships on their...
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    Mass Effect 3 "Change The Ending" Petition (almost certainly spoilers)

    When Shepard is in the virtual space with Legion and can't see what Quarians look without their suits. The weak one line cover up the game swiftly deploys is that Shepard never saw himself what a Quarian looks without a suit. You know, apart from Tali... That also doesn't excluse every single...
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    Mass Effect 3 "Change The Ending" Petition (almost certainly spoilers)

    The writing in Mass Effect 3 was so incredibly bad I could barely stomach it. It's not filled with plot holes, it's filled with plot chasms and weak one line cover-ups. I also love how everyone forgot that a mass relay exploding destroys an entire system that it's inside of. So Joker escaping is...
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    I just uninstalled Skyrim

    Yes, I am inclined to agree on that one. Still, saying that it's deeper than most modern games is not a high criteria when it's possible to find old games and play them. Yet Skyrim still gets unreal praise.