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    Interactive Fiction

    Not sure if this counts, but ms paint adventures is always entertaining. It's not really a game, more of a webcomic though.
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    Robots: Alive or No?

    I would personally say that robots are not alive because robots these days are only things that react to problems with pre-prepared responses. If someone makes a robot that can learn and adapt to situations that have never been prepared for then yes, then i would say it is alive.
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    Zero Punctuation: The Year in Review - 2008

    #2 had me stumped for a loooooooooooong time for some reason =P Funny, because of this video im having nostalgia of a few months ago... curse my memory :/
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    What is the WORST GAME you have played on a next gen console?

    *re-reads topic title* ... Well it still counts because its on the Wii Virtual Console? Maybe? =D If that doesnt count, then Kameo for the 360. NEVER play it.
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    What is the WORST GAME you have played on a next gen console?

    The WORST game? hmm... Pokemon Puzzle League for the N64. I know lots of people liked that game (possibly why its on the Wii Virtual Console) but i really couldnt stand it.
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    Zero Punctuation: S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky

    The end really got me laughing.
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    Zero Punctuation: Soul Calibur IV

    Heh, ive been hoping you would do Soul Calibur 4...
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    Where have all the Turn Based RPGs gone

    Thats about a year of straight gaming, no breaks...
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    Best Boss Battle In A Game

    Evrae (The Guardian Wyrm you fight when you're going to Bevelle) from FFX. It was just fun for me, and i was unprepared before the fight so it actually took a lot of strategy...