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    Far Cry 3 Gameplay Trailer Burns Down the House

    Gotta say I'm unimpressed. The graphics look like they're lifted from 2003 (heck farcry 1 looks better). Guessing my long standing ban on buying/acquiring anything from ubisoft isn't going to be changing any time soon.
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    On Nazis

    I like the thought behind the DLC there. But how is getting DLC any different to an adult going and buying something at a shop? Granted there's the whole credit card thing which makes it much harder for the kiddies, but if they include a free voucher for it then it's the same as the shop clerk...
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    Reliable Source: Pirates, Sex and Spoilers

    That thing about the woman in NZ isn't accurate. The email in question only conatined a single line of caps and she'd sent the instructions inside multiple times to attempt to get people to file their paperwork properly. So she deserved payment for wrongful dismissal. I'm surprised no kiwi's...
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    Unfinished Games

    The thing I find is that most games have some kind of level or section about 2/3 of the way through that is harder than the rest of the game combined (eg the robotic bosses found frequently in FF games and the lift with skeletons and a spike roof falling on you in God of war2). This is the...
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    I Don't Need No Stinking Standards!

    Really the only metric that matters when reviewing a game is did you have fun playing? I mean thats what we're all using this software for, right?
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    Jimmy Page, What's Your Problem?

    Given the amount of songs that are getting ripped off or remixed these days I think they've got bigger issues than guitar hero. Just about everything I hear on the radio these days is someone rapping over the top of an old song. So why are they focusing on GH/RB when there's a chronic shortage...
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    Russia Banning Emo Culture?

    Heh guess they've got something to be emo about now...
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    Stolen Pixels #92: Crysis Demo, Part 1

    Yeah those unskippable ads suck hardcore. I always find its the stuff from ubisoft that tends to lock you into watching it. Also what's with the space, enter, esc, mouse click thing? I recall that the esc key was exclusively used to skip things like this till fairly recently. So why the...
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    Your Demo Sucks

    COD4 was the last decent demo I've played. Oh and penny arcade adventures had a pretty good demo too.
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    Editor's Note: Fiction

    Nice change, I like the video links down the side and everything is a lot clearer and nicer, except for the centre articles. It kinda looks like you ran out of room for those or were in a hurry and just shlacked em in. I reckon it'd be clearer if you had the big picture items (ie the...
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    180: One Button, One Scotch, One Beer

    Can't say I agree with most ppl on Guitar Hero being bad while drunk. I play that game best at 3am after having consumed a box of beer/bottle of scotch. However drinking while playing other games isn't so great because I find I zone into the game and then by the time I remember I've got a...
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    The Price of Fun

    I'm just wondering where all this money that gets spent on developing a game goes. Because they're claiming their costs are rising but I'm not seeing any increase in quality. In fact most pc games these days are rehashed, buggy, console ports or are simply dreadful. So it would seem to me...
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    The Last Remnant PC Is Unplayable - UPDATED

    Can't say I'll worry about buying this one. I tried the demo and the mouse cursor was invisible and the graphics were too dark to see and no amount of gamma or other display tweaks could fix it. I don't have anything that is unusal by pc enthusiast standards (my machine is a phenom 9750, asus...