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    We should eat insects

    No. No, no, no, nope. I hate insects. They suck and should all die. I'm dead serious.
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    Microsoft Sort Of Apologizes for Bizarre Dance Song

    What's there to get angry at? This is hilarious!
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    Your Favourite Comedian?

    George Carlin is a master of teh lulz, but Louis C.K. is the only comedian that makes me literally always laugh at every joke he makes.
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    And...What are your Heavenly Virtues?

    These are kind of a rough, but honest estimate. 1 Chastity - Between 1-2 2 Temperance - 8 3 Charity - 8 4 Diligence - 3 5 Patience - 5 6 Kindness - 5 I am kind to people by default, but I turn vicious quickly. 7 Humility - 10, because I have no self confidence.
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    Creative uses for guns

    OT: I'd use it as a percussion instrument.
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    Should I play the original Fallout games

    They're very different from Fallout 3, but they are a load of fun.
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    He was the very model of a scientist Salarian...
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    Skyrim Metaphor?

    I'd just like to point out that there is a huge difference between discrimination and attempted genocide.
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    Poll: Would you eat an alien?

    I don't think I could do it, even if I wanted to. It's all too gross.
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    Words that gamers use that make you CRINGE!

    Yeah. I think the biggest problem is that there seems to be no objective definition. Everyone has their own, very personal idea of what is and isn't art I guess. Personally, I hate the use of the word "rape" in the place of beat. And, of course, the liberal use of "******".
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    7 year old commits suicide

    I see what you mean. I think that you really shouldn't tell a kid that they can be anything beyond their elementary school years. But when they're really young I personally think it'll help. Probably the best thing to do is not to tell them that they can be whatever they want, but that they...
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    How the hell is that (not) acceptable?

    This is one thing I've never understood. I've heard the logic behind it, but it's always fucking stupid. (Get it? Because I'm talking about how swearing is- ah, fuck it.) Also, I don't understand North America's fear when it comes to sex, and even sexuality. It is so fucking weird to me.
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    7 year old commits suicide

    Children are far more intelligent than we give them credit for. Would you argue that a child who is forced to pick up a rifle and join an army, barely getting enough food to survive has no concept of a miserable life? I realize this is an extreme example, but I doubt you could make a solid case...
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    7 year old commits suicide

    I'm reading posts from a lot of people who suspect foul play and can't imagine a seven-year-old doing this. Believe me, it's more than possible for a seven-year-old to be put in a place where they feel that death is the only way out. It doesn't come completely from the events that are going...
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    One Million Moms Fights Gay Superheroes

    I've always wondered this myself. OT: I hate that there are so many people who are so terrified that something will exist that they don't absolutely love.