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    Mafia II is Not a Game

    Interesting read, I actually felt this way experiencing the 'game' known as Final Fantasy XIII. It's a shame my experience wasn't as immersive as your Mafia II experience. I do wonder if dissecting such a new game was wise, though. The process required you to discuss important plot points...
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    Taboos in Video games

    I don't recall anything along those lines. What part do you refer?
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    Taboos in Video games

    Dante's Inferno let me kill babies. But they were coming right for meee!
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    Escape to the Movies: Prince of Persia

    Bob, that wasn't a review or a critique, I don't know what that was. It came across more like a forum post. Back up your statement that it's good with some damn facts. Folks, if you want to be entertained AND informed, please go to Honestly, I freaking love the Game Overthinker, Bob...
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    Escapist Connection Error

    Having some Escapist issues on my home computer. For a while now it hasn't been letting me submit comments at home or TAFE, I'd hit post and a lose connection to the site, so I thought I'd log out and log back in again. Wow, big mistake. Not only can I not log back in, I can't even access the...
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    My last, sorrowful goodbye to Mtn. Dew Gamefule.

    Never heard of the drink, but I get pissed when I like something and either never see it again or have to wait for the next round of special editions. I love raspberry fanta, but it's hard to come by now. I tried grape fanta recently and loved it, but because it was never released in Aus, I can...
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    LoadingReadyRun: Scientist's Rebuttal to ICP

    ICP clearly don't spend enough time on wikipedia. It holds all the answers to the universe! I loved your video. Not only was it amsusing as hell, but it was so well produced!
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    Poll: The Dante

    Normally I would go with the logical conclusion, but I was only vaguely aware of the Divine Comedy and only just played DMC this week for my first time, having ignored the franchise for many years. The only Dante I've had proper exposure to is Mr. Hicks. And as awesome as he is, he doesn't stir...
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    Poll: Will you become a member of the Escapist Publishers Club?

    Likely no. The only site I've paid for upgraded membership is DeviantArt, and that's because the features are useful. Here I'm not seeing any must have new features. I can deal with clicking away ads.
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    Poll: The Dante

    I would go further back and say Vincent Valentine. Just as badass, even if he wears clown shoes.
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    Poll: The Dante

    As in DMC? That's the mercenary.
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    Poll: The Dante

    The poet and the crusader (game) cover the Inferno :)
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    Poll: The Dante

    I completed Devil May Cry the other day and played a third of DMC4 yesterday. It got me thinking of the cultural impact of the Dante. Do you have a favourite Dante? Do you like the name? Would you name your son Dante? My Dante is now the merc, but I am still partial to that sweet, naive...
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    Escapist News Network: Peace Walker Promo

    It stopped working at precisely 5:00. And I want to have Graham's eyepatch's babies <3
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    Digging out ol' the PS2... Suggestions?

    Devil May Cry 1-3, Shadow Hearts 1-2 (skip 3, trust me) and Shadow of Memories.