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    Most Frustrating (Non-Boss) Enemies in games!

    The police droids in Liberation: Captive II. This is going back quite a ways- 1992, I think, on the Amiga CD32. It was far and away the best game for that short-lived console, but fighting police droids even with a great set of weapons and appropriately modded skill ROMs was a chore. To give...
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    Games you'd like to see ported to the PC

    A lot of people have mentioned JRPGs. I'd like to be able to play the Kingdom Hearts games without buying a PS2 or emulator-hunting. They look like fun. I'd also love to be able to play all the classic Mario games on my PC legally. Heck, all the classic Nintendo titles. The only obstacle is...
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    Moments in non-horror games that scared the shit out of you? New Zealand Story. A cutesy platformer for the Amiga. The underwater sections are pretty tense since you can only stay submerged for about ten seconds before drowning and there are some looong stretches to cover in that time. Adding to that, you...
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    My Fallout NV experience so far

    Hmm. I've read through the entire thread, and nobody takes on Deathclaws with the AER14 or a modded laser rifle? With a scope and a beam splitter (and sufficient skill with energy weapons) I found the laser rifle to be very efficient at dispatching Deathclaws. Lots more rounds per power cell...
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    Global Warming a Threat to Human Security, Says UN Science Report

    Too many humans is not the problem. Too many RICH humans is the problem. A poor (by our standards) family in rural India for example has a tiny impact on the planet- they walk, cycle or use public transport, they've never been on a plane, they don't own any fancy electronic devices or buy...
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    "This Is Gonna Suck" Moments In Games

    There are some real horrors in that game. No wonder a lot of people play multiplayer. It's just nice to have the company. The last time I played Minecraft I was running the Yogbox mod pack. It adds all sorts of wacky enemies, items and locations. Clearing out a pirate ship or a necromancer's...
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    Next gen EA games to cost £55

    £55 for a new game? Not bloody likely! I'm in no hurry for new releases- I'll just wait for a Steam sale six months down the line and get it for a tenne- oh. -Nick
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    Blood magic in Dragon Age - Your opinions

    I've got no time for Blood Mages in Dragon Age: Origins (the only one I've played) for the same reason I've got no time for Batarians in Mass Effect and Ree-Yees in Knights of the Old Republic- because every one I've ever met has either immediately tried to kill me or has completely fucked up...
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    Poll: Donating blood

    I'm not allowed since I've had chemotherapy. My blood is so full of wacky brightly coloured shit that if they put it in someone else they could start sprouting extra limbs like a cross between that one Spider-man story and the centaurs from Fallout. I do encourage others to donate when they...
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    Microsoft Claims "Cloud" Will Quadruple Power of Xbox One

    Does anyone here remember the adverts for Onlive? It was a cloud-based gaming service where they sent you a wee box and you paid a monthly fee to play any game you want (in their library, natch). All the processing was done at Onlive's server farm, and the box really just uploaded the controller...
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    The first videogame you ever played

    I'm comforted that so many people have mentioned games that came out around 1984. It makes me feel less old. I think the first game I ever played was on the BBC Micro at school. No idea what I played first. There was a castle building simulator that, as far as we could tell, was impossible to...
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    Companies long gone that you miss...

    Commodore. That Amiga 500 served me well for many a year, and coders squeezed a hell of a lot of performance out of that 1Mb ram and 8MHz processor. -Nick
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    Scottish Police Blame Throat Slashing on Gears of War

    Sad but true, and not just in Clydebank. "Provocation by respiration" is a common if ineffective legal defense here in the west of Scotland. Hey man, that's not cool. I'm not saying it's not true, but there's no need to draw attention to it ;) -Nick
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    Who killed videogames? (a ghost story) A remarkable insight into the mechanics behind monetization in social games, occasionally featuring Everybody's Favourite Game Company and the recently-condemned The Sims Social. TL,DR warning- it goes on a bit. It's...
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    Best and worst gun feel

    I actually like the guns in Fallout 3 and New Vegas, although it is unnerving watching a Deathclaw charging towards you with knife and fork in hand while round after round from your most powerful rifle ricochet harmlessly off its face. My most favoured gunplay? Probably Painkiller. Of the...