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    72: "You're Wrong"

    The author makes a valid point about taking hardcore players with a grain of salt, but she makes it sound like game developers should make their games in a sealed room shut off from anyone outside the company until the game is content-complete. Patently untrue. The article should be careful to...
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    61: Back In the Day

    I became a SysOp of my own BBS when I was 12, using my parents' fax line. I was soon hooked into a network of local BBSs which allowed me to use FrontDoor to receive inter-BBS mail on a daily basis, and this provided a conduit into FidoNet and NANet. For me, this was truly the precursor of the...
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    Sound off (Issue 54): Favorite Space Game

    And I was just reminded of the original great space titles: Elite and Frontier! Talk about procedural content generation, these games were, and still are, the kings of it.
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    Sound off (Issue 54): Favorite Space Game

    I'm surprised only one person has mentioned Privateer so far. It was Freelancer's ancestor and was more engrossing to play, in my opinion. It's one of my all time favourites.