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    What's your default starting difficulty?

    Hardest mode possible. Always. No exceptions. Unless I get horribly faceraped a lot, then I'll turn down the difficulty but that doesn't really happen often...
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    Games that should have never existed.

    Red faction: Armageddon. Horrible horrible game, of which the developers should be deeply ashamed for creating considering how good Red faction Guerrilla was....
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    the REAL way to make a silent kill

    ...I find this thread highly disturbing,despite the fact that more than half of people here are pulling stuff out of their asses.
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    I hate FPS's.

    Most FPS/TPS games are only fun if you play them online (with some exceptions like Red faction:guerrilla or Just cause). That's why majority of fps games focus on that aspect. The one's which don't or don't have multilayer at all suck horribly. You sound like someone who didn't play any fps...
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    Mayor Flattens Illegal Parking With A Tank

    :| I'm so ashamed of this video and my country in general right now....
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    Zero Punctuation: Pokemon White

    *Raise hand* I haven't played pokemon and I'm indifferent about it.. and no one burned me so far... Wait , there's an angry mob at the do- OH GOD HELP ME THEY'RE POURING GASOLINE ON MY HOUSE
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    Zero Punctuation: Two Worlds II

    I'm surprised he didn't mention the awful crafting system (especially where you break down equipment). One of the reason I quit playing the game after roughly 10 hours in is because my fingers hurt like FUCK from doing "right click for drop down menu , left click to select break down equipment ...
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    Zero Punctuation: DC Universe Online

    Meh , the game is pretty fun , quite refreshing to have a MMO-button masher. PVE and PVP is really refreshing compared to other indirect combat MMOs. One problem with it burns itself out quite quick , as right now it doesn't have much content. Never played City of heroes , so can't really...