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    Don't tell them that, they need their strawman argument. Frankly this whole comic is disgusting, it's meant to take the extreme of something and make it offensive, okay up until they go and make a Zimmerman joke and just blindly kill a guy... Then again what can I expect from these people...
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    Your take on the game Catherine?

    I don't know, they sure seem to speak english in all the japanese games over here.
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    Poll: Why is it only on 4chan that I ever see anyone call Skyrim outright shit.

    Wow, the ignorance and high and mighty atitude in this thread is just disgusting. I see Skyrim get plenty of praise there. People like to pretend that only bad things happen on 4chan, but frankly outside of the trash that is /b/ most boards are perfectly fine and often productive. And I'm...
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    Amazon Ships Some Vitas Early

    Wow, aren't you bitter. You can transfer over your games, On my Vita I have from my US account the following PSP Games: Fate/Extra Persona 3 DJ Max Portable 3 Monster Hinter Unite ZHP Harvest Moon: HLV Blazblue Portable Megaman X Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Rock Band Unplugged...
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    Namco Bandai Beams Up New Star Trek Game

    That doesn't quite make sense though. If Graces F sells well, which I hope it does, then they'll want to release more Tales games here. They only reason they wouldn't release more is if Graces and Abyss don't sell well. So remember, buy 5 copies.
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    Namco Bandai Beams Up New Star Trek Game

    Scamco making it? I can't wait for the [email protected] costume DLC.
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    The Vita Will "Die A Horrible Premature Death"

    Is this even about the Vita? It has 1 line about it... And they don't even say a solid "No" they say they'll keep an eye out, and it seems will wait to see what sony will allow. And no, the vita won't die a horrible premature death, just like the PSP didn't fail.
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    The Big Picture: Skin Deep

    Personally for me, its the same thing as anything else... whoever is the best should get the job. If a white guy fits the role best, go, asian, go, black, go, hispanic, go. I don't care. Same thing for business and any other job, if a man can do it better, go for it, if a woman can, she can...
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    Daily Drop: Twinkies

    Well crap now I wanna go get some of those little cakes :-/
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    Final Fantasy XIV. Are you going to get it?

    Yes :-/ I just wish I was in the beta. FFXIV and RB3 are pretty much the only games I'm looking forward to this year.
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    Poll: Are you a Vegetarian?

    The only reason they can exist in this time is because of science and advancement in drugs and what not, in a natural setting there is no way to live like that... And to live in a way that in nature would cause one to die is not a way I personally would want to live.
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    Whats your Escapist Avatar!

    Just a funny image I saw... character is Nayu from Ayu Mayu... of course the image matches my title.
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    One liner jokes, anyone?

    CNN and MSNBC even moreso.
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    Post Count Prejudice

    Eh, I don't judge people on their post counts... but then again I don't post all that much so it would be a bit hypocritical if I did, ya know? I haven't noticed being judged much for post count, but then again, 90% of my posts are not in the main forums :-/
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    The four badges to rule them all.

    Only one I have thats anything is the Pubclub one :-/ All the others are rather normal and I've done nothing special. Haha