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    Randomness in games

    Hi guys! I saw someone posted my Game Shame article here last week, so I thought I'd drop by and show you my latest article on randomness in games. In the article, I talk about some of the uses for randomness, as well as some of the pitfalls you should be aware of. Enjoy...
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    Game Shame

    Hi guys! I'm the author of this article. I just wanted to clear one thing up that a few people, for whatever reason, didn't pick up on. Some of you seemed to think that I was saying that games aren't art. Actually, my opinion is that they are ALL art (I define art as products of creativity)...
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    Zero Punctuation: iPhone Games

    Wait - no 100 Rogues?! Hit it up next time, Yahtzee. You'll like it. It is one of the few truly original games on the iPhone, with fully animated pixel art and SNES style music. Here's the soundtrack
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    Some funny retro gaming videos

    Oh, well... it's not like I'm making money off it or anything. Just thought the crowd here at Escapist might enjoy it, that's all!
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    Some funny retro gaming videos

    A friend and I have started a game-playing and sort of reviewing show, called SUPER GAME CHALLENGE. Check out Episode 6 here: Hope you guys enjoy it!
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    Zero Punctuation: Wii Sports Resort

    Nice work sir! This is your absolute funniest review yet. Not only that, but it is truth. Well done.
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    Zero Punctuation: Overlord 2

    You know what's really great about these ZP reviews that I just realized? The fact that he does not show the game, but instead explains the core mechanics. We need to start looking at games this way more often.
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    Review: The Sims 3

    *Sigh*... *Sigh*
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    Poll: Would you let your gf play a MMO?

    "Let"? What is she, a dog?
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    PC Game Bashing

    Nothing's wrong with PC gaming. Valve and Blizzard make PC games, and they are pretty much the best game developers in existence. The thing is, they still don't have the hype power of Microsoft or Bethesda or any of these lesser console developers. So all your friends just don't know. Pity them.
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    Poll: Who liked 3-Dog?

    The answer to this poll: No one over 16.
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    Fallout 3-like it hasn't been reviewed enough

    There's a lot wrong with the game. Chief among those things: It's far and away a worse game than the original, which was made more than a dozen years ago. Pathetic.
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    Screwing Up Batman

    how do you screw up something that's already screwed up
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    Poll: Just How Many People Think Their Game Ideas Would Make In The Video Game Market?

    I think MORE THAN one of mine could make it. If you idiots ate up Doom 3 and Oblivion, then probably any of my ideas could make it, as long as I had a team of sorry sacks working their ass off churning away generic high-poly bump-mapped content.
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    Sins of a Solar Empire. So I want to get into 4X.

    Sins is kinda crap I hate to say it. I am a big fan of the genre. Make sure you have played Master of Magic and X-Com: UFO Defense, and also to a lesser extent, Civilization. Those are the good 4x games. You're better off with Master of Orion than the Stardock game. Although Stardock's...