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    I'm your mother and "I can do whatever I want" attitude

    Wow. Really? If this is what you complain about, you must have an easy life. I miss the days that my mom did the cleaning for me. Now I have to do it all and I get sick of it. Let me also say, my mom woke me up with noisy cleaning all the time, and while nobody likes getting woken before they...
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    Men who own cats.

    I adore guys who own cats...but they also have to like them. They can't be the kind who has a pet cat and complains about it. I prefer cats and I've got a bit of a phobia when it comes to dogs, so dating someone who has a dog is not my first choice. There is something very special about guys...
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    The Last Airbender is now this year's Eragon?!

    This has made me kind of sad. I'm a big fan of the animated series and I wanted to see the movie do well. I will still see it and form my own opinion, but my hopes for it have gone down.
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    Lets hear about pets!

    I have a cat named Fabio. I didn't name him (although I find his name hilarious), and I adopted him when he was fully grown. He's got long fur and he's...big-boned. People are usually surprised when they see him because he is bigger than the average house cat. He's very playful and loves to...
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    Poll: Does this make me a creeper?( please read entire thing before voting)

    I think it's a bit weird and can't see this girl reacting in any positive way. Passing notes was fun when my friends and I were about 10, but when you're older than that? It's showing that you're creepy, immature and not brave enough to speak face to face. None of this is attractive. Just go...
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    254: The Games That Bind

    This is the kind of thing I hope for when I'm married/with a long term boyfriend.
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    Your first RPG?

    Super Mario RPG on the SNES. I was very little when I played it, but I loved it. It was awesome.
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    Another new question to all you girl gamers out there...

    Yes. Sometimes. I don't flaunt the fact that I'm a girl, and I don't want people to flirt with me in games because that's not what I'm there for. I wanna be treated like I'm no different from any other gamer, because I'm not any different. With all that said, it should be clear that I don't...
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    Poll: What happens when you see a girl on xbox live?

    Well, I'm a girl, and I've also noticed that some guys are shocked when they see a girl playing. I've never seen it as genuine shock, though. It's more of a joke. A lot of guys think it's funny to repeatedly say that the girl could not be real because girls don't play games. That...gets old.
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    Chile hit with 8.8 Earthquake, Tsunami headed towards Hawaii

    Well, now I'm worried. My sister, brother-in-law and 7-year-old nephew live in Hawaii.
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    Unusual abilities

    I can lick my elbow. I've often seen people insist that that's impossible, and have never met someone else who could do it. But it's easy.
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    Got any sexy scars?

    I have a scar on my left thigh that I got from accidentally running into a piece of wood. Basically stabbed myself. Not sure if that's very sexy, though. Scars usually aren't on females. Also have a scar on my forearm. Looks like I cut myself, but actually it was from a cat scratch.
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    Chalkboards. Anybody see them anymore?

    I haven't seen a chalkboard in a long time. They were even going out of use when I was just starting school, and that was the 90s. I'm glad, though. Everybody hates the sound of nails on a chalkboard, right? Well, just writing normally on a chalkboard is like that to my ears, always has been. I...