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    Where would you hide a dead body?

    This is easy. In a funeral home. Just go in at night and throw it in the incinerator with the other bodies to be cremated. Next.
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    Escape to the Movies: A Good Day to Die Hard

    Having watched the film I am agreeing with everything Movie Bob says. EXCEPT 5 is better than 4. 4 felt longer cause I kept wanting to slap the Mac guy every time he opened his mouth and the fish out of water shtick got old fast.
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    Procedural Stories

    Haven't read the column yet, but welcome back Shamus!
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    Two League of Legends "Pros" Banned for Being Horrible

    I thought it was funny. Even though I think that number is skewed because how much of those are games going poorly and then the players berate each other? The cause and the effect aren't so clear cut. .06% (or .0006) is an extremely small group of the population. In all of LoL it estimates...
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    Is Bram Stoker's Dracula really that good?

    For people saying, "It was scary then you have just been desensitized because of modern culture, so give it some credit." Poe wrote his novels and short stories before Dracula was published and they have held up better. Dracula is dull and a rip off of even older Celtic legends (the...
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    Seriously, Console Wars Are Pointless

    I believe the economic word you are looking for is duopoly (and yes, duopolies can effectively run with three, the game theory board is just widened a bit). Look it up, it is what I have been saying for quite a while.
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    Sony Patents a Way to Sabotage Used Game Market

    I signed back into my Escapist account for this (haven't felt the need to in at least a year). While I haven't read all 5 pages of comments, none of them seem to say the benefit of this product. Yes, it can be used to eliminate the used games market. But you know what it can also do? It...
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    Escapist Podcast: 031: Creativity & What We've Been Playing

    I just need to give an angry post about Clockwork Orange. The movie left out the entire last chapter. I will go with Fight Club only because I enjoyed the disjointed and confused aspect only because the narrator doesn't know what is happening as well but I understand how others would hate it...
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    E3 Boycot

    Why not just call your congressmen and senators? It seems a lot easier and skips a lot of middle men.
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    Imagine a franchise as a different genre.

    Uncharted Racing You know Naughty Dog is building up to it, they just need a few more characters.
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    TorrentFreak Reveals Top Pirated Games of 2011

    Because people want to play the game and not pay for it. Also, I remember Crysis 2 having a demo. That told me I could run the game without doing anything that a court of law would consider illegal.
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    How would you Change the canon?

    In Doctor Who
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    Jimquisition: Sony, Nintendo, EA and SOPA

    I was talking about this earlier today with my roommates. I called my senators, they sat around and got high while complaining there was nothing they could do. Moral of the story, call your senators (if you are in the US). They WANT to represent the majority of their constituents, that way...
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    Why is armor so freaking ornate in fantasy?

    Now you are just being picky. But I would have to say that is so you can tell from far away if the armor is better. Back to TES: iron armor is dark grey, steel is light grey, silver is lighter, dwarven is bronze, orcish has a green tint, so on and so on. It is so you can glance and know how...
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    Why is armor so freaking ornate in fantasy?

    There is one thing everyone forgets when it comes to this stuff. All the armor in the fantasy games are hand made and the better the armor, the less likely hood it is mass produced. Look at the armor of the Orcs in Lord of the Rings. It is bland, generic, and put together. Well, they also...