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    Editor's Note Escapist Magazine Volume 2: Issue 0

    Are you back, Russ? Good to hear The Escapist still has life in it left!!! Been here daily sinds Yahtzee's Zero Punctuation Guitar Hero III review. ;)
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    Zero Punctuation: The Crew 2

    Got The Crew's ultimate edition 4 or 5 months ago *because* it's a pure sandbox. Really great for just touring, i.e. driving aimlessly about in amazing cars to relax after a stressful day. It was varied enough, had the cars I wanted and some nice challenges to jump in and out of on a whim...
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    Zero Punctuation: E3 2018 Round-Up

    Hey, Extra Punctuation (or whatever it was called) came back, even if it was just for the credits! Miff surprised Just Cause 4 flew under the radar/video though.
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    Zero Punctuation: Okami HD

    Played this on PS2 a while back. Loved the shit out of it. It's basically Ocarina of Time with a fresh theme. About the peeing: South Park's FPS game had pee on snowball, Duke Nukem loves to pee and comment on it. Maybe Saints Row 1 had some? EDIT: If it's that important, here's a list...
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    New game releases - Week of October 29, 2017

    Battle Chasers was an AMAZING comic around 1998. Really sad that the maker left the publisher and story never got finished. So quite looking forward to this game for a while now!
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    Fallout 4 Getting a Game of the Year Edition in September

    Thanks for the reminder! *Starts daydreaming* ;)
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    Judging By The Cover: Judging LEGO Worlds

    "Cavernous Minge", now accepting all applicants. Don't be shy!
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    8 Of the Hardest Bosses in the Dark Souls Series

    Maybe they patched all of the difficulty out or something (I bought the complete editions long after they come out, so there's no active players to summon for help), but I can't really agree with most of your bosses. Especially Gwyn shouldn't be on the list. IMHO bossfights where there is...
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    Firefall is Officially Shutting Down Today

    This is such a shame! I really loved it's combat, movement systems (Gliding! Motorcycles! Somewhat flying!) and huge events. Even Yahtzee with his shitty Internet didn't burn it to the ground!
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    Zero Punctuation: Strafe

    Ars Technica had a big fat stiffy for this some weeks back. Good to see you agree, and this is something I'd want to play. But *bad* in the sense that this has to be added to an immense pile of games waiting for more free time. I just started Bloodborne 13 days ago... :O
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    Judging By The Cover: Judging Spiderman's First Comic Appearance

    Lol, great!!! OT of the cover: It has a lot of quality issues, lot's of half finished stuff... guess they figured Spider-man wasn't going to be *that* succesfull ;)
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    Judging By The Cover: Judging Alien Covenant Again

    You actually watched Prometheus? Well, I guess you can write that up as research for doing this video... ;) Glad to see the great Escapist uploading snafu has been resolved!
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    Judging By The Cover: Judging Guardians of the Galaxy 2

    Sober up? Nevaaaaaaaaarrrrrr!!!!!
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    Good Bad Flicks: Exploring Swordfish

    Great movie, such an amazing 360 degree explosion!!! And the flying bus!! And the bad guy wins! ;)
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    Zero Punctuation: Remastered Editions

    OMG, me and my buddy played THE SHIT out of it! I even have the game proudly standing in a closet for all to see :D Yahtzee: ET for the Atari 2600 will be remastered 5 nanoseconds before it needs to drop to be a Christmas release, thus repeating the cycle with what you told us about it's...