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    Why Is Pirating Games Bad But Pirating Anime and Manga Is Ok?

    to pirate games and movies is "bad" because it's the beurocratic and shortsighted opinion. fact-unless it's some miraculously mass pirated game that ACTUALLY CAUSES HARM (yet to see that STILL btw) then not really. but, you do run more risk of being caught these days, besides, people need...
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    Poll: Will Duke Nukem continue

    god i hope so, gearbox is the right studio to build something from the ground up, and make it amazing, there actual own work, instead of "hey, we'll stuff it in the cardboard box u don't have." :P
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    Vancouver Riot Already on Wikipedia; What do you think of it all?

    turns out, most of the people actually involved/arrested, were from surrey, so that makes alot more sense :P if we'd won, proly mass celebration in the streets, but yeah, not suprised at the riot, i mean, same thing happened in '94, we lost to new york, we rioted. hell, i went down to to...
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    If you came with a warning label it would say......

    Warning: Highly Volatile and Unstable. Only consumable for ages 18 and up. Handle with Extreme Caution.
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    Vancouver Rioting?

    actually...alot of them won't be, considering several were intentionally STARTING fights, or hitting people at random.
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    Vancouver, worse than it seems.

    well if anyone wants to know how things were i'll make a huge post, i was there :P not involved, but saw it up close, but yeah, chances are, if we won, we'd be celebrating via riot XD not like the way we are now, but rampant city-stopping celebrations. hell, woulden't be suprised if the...
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    Poll: Victoria police given permission to fine swearing

    when i first saw victoria i was like "uh...what's goin on?" XD (victoria BC, Canada, is like a 3h trip from where i am :P) but yeah, thats a really dumb idea :|
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    Do you ever get a kick out of asking "ignorant questions" to tick people off

    yes, yes i do, and i love it when i do it too :D pretty much answer's to questions are always one of 3 things-face punchingly arrogant (but correct.) headeskingly retarded (but on purpose.) and bland (could be right or wrong, they just didn't make it entertaining, the loser.)
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    What's the most mis-advertised thing you've ever seen?

    proly the whole "may 21st" crap. seriously, 2 of the local news paper's i get, they're not religious at all, if anything, something big happens, like the pope dies for instance, gets a tiny sub-columb. and suddenly, may 21st, gets 3 DAYS of front page news, and it's EVERYWHERE online and on...
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    Poll: Oblivion Class Question

    custom, always :P pretty much mix of melee, some magic, and some stealth. the 7 main skills, and atleast 3 minor skills, always in the works.
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    You are a Pirate, Whats your ship called?

    proly, The SS ButtFuck. :D
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    Poll: do you like jimquisition?

    not really, just another loudmouth fat guy trying his hand at dry humour, and i can only guess is satire...of sorts. seriously, between him and movie bob, if one more shows up, i'm gonna start calling "yahtzee clones"
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    Today's Biggest Musicicans....WHO's OVERRATED?

    pretty much all of them. anyone that had any quality is either retired, dead, or just about finished w/ there career.
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    Poll: Chad Knaus said the F word on National TV. Should Someone Be Fined?

    fox news, and, saw that coming YEARS ago :P and he said it on air? OH NOES! what a fucking nightmare /eyeroll.
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    Is originality necessary?

    i'd like to think that w/ quality comes something resembling originality, doesen't. and frankly, and much as i love actually original games, i'll settle for quality games, instead of originality, burried in heaping pits of shit.