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    Potential Save-Destroying Bug Found in Pokemon X and Y

    Wonder if they'll patch it? I mean they're putting out digital copies, so saying that they have no way to patch the games now just won't fly.
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    Poll: Transhumanism: How Far Would You Take It?

    #5 intrigued me when I watched the Ghost in the Shell series. Specifically one where Motoko has to switch to a backup body. Something about that I just found kind of fun; the idea of being able to slip into a new body like a new outfit. I guess it would be kind of like having alts in an mmo...
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    There will be no crash

    I don't think we can expect the industry to crash, but I do think we can expect we'll see a "popping" of the industry bubble in the next 5-10 years. If production costs continue to increase, eventually the sales required to simply break even will be so unrealistic we'll start seeing shit get...
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    The peope in GTA Online are horrible!

    "Bullied" not "bullying", I didn't say I still do it. You might want to reign in that sense of moral justice enough to understand what someone wrote before you fly off on a lecture, and assume you know what their counter argument will be. Fact of the matter is that I didn't like being on a...
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    Poll: Futurama-Simpsons Crossover should give Simpsons a boost

    Interesting note, in the tree house of horror intro this year there's a transition where you see an underground cross-section, and the original character designs for the Simpson family are buried there. Just a joke, or a clue that something far more sinister is going on in Springfield...
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    The peope in GTA Online are horrible!

    No, not in the least. When I played on a PvP server back during Classic WoW I camped some poor bastard of an alliance mage (round about lvl 20 or so) for two hours on my friend's rogue (level 60)Was over at his house and we swapped characters to see what the classes were like.. When I got bored...
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    NYCC 2013: Playing Pretend with South Park: The Stick of Truth

    No, but at this point it can be expected Uplay will be hanging off any game published by Ubisoft like a cancerous growth.
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    NYCC 2013: Playing Pretend with South Park: The Stick of Truth

    We had a solid release date when THQ went bankrupt. Then Ubisoft bought it up and pushed back the release date so they could tear out content for DLC and cram the game's orifices with Uplay. Much as I've wanted to play this game, I will not give Ubisoft my money; not after they went and put...
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    A Queston to old pokemon fans coming out of "retirement"

    I came back for Gen V after having not played since R/B/Y, think I'm going to skip Gen VI; maybe come back for Gen X. I thought Gen V was amazing, and I loved all the mon designs except for maybe the Vanillish line. I think people are overly critical when they put down the mons like Vanillish...
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    Why I don't agree with calculators replacing long-hand

    This post was going to be written, but the user had an epiphany after reading the quoted post; they hurled their PC from their second story dormitory window. This user in question went on to live in the darkest swampy parts of Louisiana as a roaming nomad-master of the wilderness. He clothes...
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    For All Future Authors..

    Funny, but off topic note: Your avatar matches perfectly with the beat of the rap music being blared from the high school football stadium next to my dormitory. OT: Since the topic seems to have shifted to the quality of Tolkein's work, I have a confession to make. I read all three LoTR...
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    PETA's Pokemon Parody Battles Animal Abuse

    I stand by what I said. I see no harm in this, and see it as a sign that gaming is growing up. We can either accept that people are going to use it for propaganda, or we can throw fits that continue to paint gaming as an immature medium. The high road here is acknowledging that the message of...
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    PETA's Pokemon Parody Battles Animal Abuse

    I kind of have to applaud PETA, despite my dislike of them, for trying to use games as something more than just entertainment. Though usually over the top in their portrayal of the horrors of w/e it is they dislike, the games are solidly built internet diversions that make you think. Though...
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    Lost Doctor Who Episodes Surface, Two Troughtons On Sale Soon

    I thought that it wasn't that the BBC taped over the old episodes, but that the archive where they were being kept caught fire and many of the very old episodes were destroyed. I'd say that I'd read somewhere the BBC has a standing 50k pound bounty for anyone who comes forward with a lost...
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    The 8th generation arrived.....last year.

    The WiiU was the opening act to the 8th generation of consoles. Unfortunately it danced on stage, promptly shit its pants, and then stood there in silence while the music continued to play; assuring everyone it would start dancing again once its mommy brought it a new pair of pants. Calling...