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    British Neuroscientist Says Games Cause Dementia

    being a baroness still means shite? damn, i should just start writing "Duke" in front of my name from now on
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    Zombies are everywhere!!!

    kinda fun in a way though, makes you want to hop on google and figure out what zombies hasnt been grafted into like a bad mexican surgury
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    Zombies are everywhere!!!

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm damn, i cant think of anything other than mario that hasnt had zombie shoved into it
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    Apparently COD is a children's game?

    well, other than the fact that they talk a whole bunch, and you find the uncommon one that is really good, they arint so bad to run with. but that has nothing to do with this post....and i lack the delete key still... they like it cause its simple and the "big kids" and the adults like it...
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    What's the best way to combat a troop of Spartans?

    lets see, a little sarin gas bomb, quickly followed up by a super flu, topped off with a 30megaton nuke
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    259: Vaginophobia

    i just read this for the first time, and saying that the people that play Left 4 Dead 1&2, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1&2 doesnt make a lot of sense, most of the time your playing with or against someone that is little more than a kid, just thought i would put that out there, the other games...
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    Worst thing to happen to you when playing a game.

    have the girl friend start checking the fuse box while on the last few kills of a 250 kill halo game...half the veins popped out of my skull and neck, i was on that game for 4 hours
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    Weird things you do in your sleep (that other people tell you about later)

    lets see, i apparently snore loud enough to be heard thru brick walls, and it sounds like a bear snoring (and ill swear i dont snore. i kick in my sleep, hard, my former home in the azores has many many dents and one hole in the cement wall where i slept i yell in my sleep, one of my...
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    Escape to the Movies: Halo Legends

    im still wondering when people who dont like halo will stop whining about halo, we get it, you think it sucks, now go back to your life, provided you havent destroied it by going overboard with your hatred of a game that most people you know, actually enjoy. its getting annoying really, but that...
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    Wow... just... wow.

    hmm mark of the beast you say ^.o eh, wusses, someone in the religious community will shoot the first person that looks like the antichrist and has a real chance at the title, and not the random emos or teh creepy (or at least trying to be) goth kids
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    Poll: Which Circle of Hell do You Belong?

    pahahaha, baby :D i noobtube you in the nuts when you arint looking :D ah, well, since there is no sloth, i would either be in limbo or nowhere, possibly heaven, but, a blank field would be something i could agreee with for a few thousand years
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    possible new fault in the Xbox360?

    well, i was wondering when my 360 would choke on it self in some way and die, it just didnt happen like i thought it would, nor did i think it would take well over 2 1/2 years, i still dont know what happend, but it wont read any disks i put in it, and when it tries it sounds like something has...
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    Sheep gives birth to lamb with human head.

    probably just a mutation, as someone else here said, thats not how it works hybrids work only if the species are reallllly closely related, even then, its rare
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    Could you actually..?

    well, if i had the opportunity, and a reason (a really GOOD DAMN reason) yes i would do it with out blinking, and i wouldnt have nightmares after or any kind of memory of it. unless i got caught, then i would be fucked obviously