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    Looking for 2D or overhead-view multiplayer PC game

    Find a private Ragnarok server to play on []. EDIT: I recommend TalonRO [] Ragnarok is fairly popular game with the ladies as it has anime-ish/cute-ish visuals and plenty...
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    Anyone else think that the way we ask people out is incredibly messed up?

    Actually it's a result of evolution. Men have always been better able to propagate their genes by having as many mates as possible and not being too selective. They are able to do this because they don't have to bare and raise the children that carry their genes (biologically speaking). The...
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    Opinions on Whale Wars?

    Though I don't fully support the methods that Sea Shepard employ, I support their cause and am glad someone is taking action of one sort or another.
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    Muslim Complaints Get Modern Warfare 2 Map Pulled

    Offended? So what? Don't buy it. It's a free world (and where it isn't, it should be). Shame on Activision for caving so easily.
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    The Big Picture: You Are Wrong About Sucker Punch, Part One

    I'm very happy that Bob is doing covering Sucker Punch in this way. I really liked the movie and saw it in much the same light that Bob seems to. Though it's still not as good as Scott Pilgrim vs the World.
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    NFL Player Ragetweets About Madden 13

    I think you want to replace iterates with articulates :)
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    EA: Some Gamers Just Don't Like Change

    Go on EA, put your foot in it once more. Each stupid press statement is another hole dug in your grave.
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    BioWare Defends DLC Business Strategy

    Pretty agree with everything you said. Good show.
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    What, specifically, has E.A. done? *I seriously don't know*

    In short, I hate EA because they are an old fashioned, apathetic, profit driven, corporate and business-as-usual publisher in an industry where that attitude and approach ends up fucking the consumer and the developers. I've met EA's founder Trip before and he's the kind of douche that belongs...
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    why I LIKE the new Lara Croft

    I love the new direction for Lara. So many people screamed "Sexist!" when the trailer came out (including Warren Spector when he did a talk down here in Australia) but frankly I don't see it. The 'new' Lara comes across as FAR more three dimensional and realistic. Unlike the 'old' and depthless...
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    Poll: Maximum Children Allowed per Couple

    What's horrible is that stupid people think it's their "right" to have 7 children simply because they are selfish, socially violent idiots. Finite space, finite resources, FINITE PEOPLE. Either we read a book and learn to curb our spawning habits or starvation, poverty and war will do it for...
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    Valve, why are they loved?

    Go read the valve employee handbook. It says a lot about why valve and great and thus loved. Valve may not 'let the developers put their logo on it', but they also hire the people who made the mod (into an excellent work environment btw) so it's not as though the developers are suffering or...
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    "Science: It's a Girl Thing" Says Controversial Ad

    I can see all the problems with this video, but I'm still compelled to think that its makers were trying to appeal to today's female youth (in a somewhat sadly accurate way) whilst trying to sneak in just enough science to MAYBE get a few more of said youth to just LOOK into science. For this, I...
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    Poll: Should scientific research be competitive or collaborative?

    I share the opinion of the great scientist Mr Carl Sagan: collaborative.
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    I'm a programmer myself, though specifically I am a games programmer. Where you start is going to depend largely on 1; what kind of programming you want to do and 2; where YOU want to start. Given that we are on the escapist website and that I'm a games programmer, I'll give you advice on...