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    Escape to the Movies: Paddington - Surprisingly Bearable

    I need advice for watching the video. It won't respond when I click it, there's no player. It's happening with all the videos on this site. I've usually had no trouble with this, though I did recently let my computer update to windows 8.1 from windows 8, which made some slight changes to my...
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    Code Geass: Akito the Exiled 3rd episode trailer

    I only saw the two anime seasons, I have no idea what's going on here. Is it a kind of tangential spin-off or a continuation? I thought Lelouch died at the end of the show, but here he has a covered eye, and his second one doesn't appear magic anymore.... Is this the only anime follow-up to...
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    Jim Sterling leaves The Escapist

    Takes me back a bit to what happened at destructoid. Used to be a kind of underground indie gamer-based outlet that started becoming more and more mainstream. Managing shifts, fall-outs and creators and personalities leaving meant Sterling was the one major OG attraction left, and it seemed like...
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    New Paddington Trailer Reveals Evil Nicole Kidman

    Used to watch Paddington Bear on TV. Shame they transplanted it onto such a generic format. Some source material for the real spirit of the character:
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    England Women Rugby team offered pro status, seen as a controversial move

    I think I may prefer watching women's football to men's these days. Although it's lower level, at least it's predominantly still English football and the international team aren't quite the minnows the men are. While I have no interest in Rugby for either gender, I think this is good as long...
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    Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro Team for New Silent Hill

    Silent Hill isn't Kojima's own original creation, and the extent to which he is involved, leading or collaborating with the writing and direction isn't known. It should be fine if he recognises restraining pressures and takes guidance. It won't be a particularly subtle Silent Hill, (I've only...
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    Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro Team for New Silent Hill

    I'm optimistic for this. Hideo Kojima has a reflexive and experimental approach to crafting player experiences and playing off of their expectations. He's also used to weaving allegorical/reflexive threads into a narrative. These things should work for Silent Hill. The main thing he has to get...
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    Microsoft Grabs Rise of the Tomb Raider in Xbox Exclusive - Update

    I was looking forward to this game, and am now feeling disappointed and frustrated about it. SMH at their blog post where they say "Tomb Raider in 2013 was a success due in large part to your support and we consider you to be the lifeblood of Tomb Raider and the work we do at Crystal...
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    Indiegogo-Funded Satire Dear White People Heads to Theaters

    There are only 2 predictions I have for this movie: 1. It will not be controversial. 2. White people will not find it threatening. Think I may actually watch this, on the chance that it may be somewhat smart.
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    Britain Decriminalizes Video Game Piracy

    I share the reaction of Critical Miss. All this is, is a significant watering-down of unreasonable proposals; not any retraction of the status quo... but this is a rare (and pleasantly-surprising) example of restraint. Hopefully, bad reporting doesn't result in them thinking they made a mistake.
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    Disney's Descendants: Teen Children of Famous Villains Go to School

    The fashion looks very 90's. Early Power Rangers style. I don't know anything about the Disney channel or the stuff they put on it though. Is it a cable channel?
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    Drakengard 3 Review - Sister Hacked

    Tell that to Jim.
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    Drakengard 3 Review - Sister Hacked

    I don't know about you perhaps deceiving yourself (and potentially others) about the gender politics on offer here. It's not against the law to enjoy something that's problematic, but IMO this game is one of the worst I've personally seen on this front. I got the impression the writer had some...
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    Sexualized characters that were done right.

    Okay, I guess I did pick a bad example there. On closer inspection, her armour is totally lingerie. (look I was younger and more sexually repressed when I played this.... and the game was in SD)
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    Sexualized characters that were done right.

    Well all of her species dress that way. They reside in Eruyt village in the wood, and are forbidden to leave. As such, they have more tribal dress standards, like older non-urban human tribes. Her body has exaggerated characteristics, but they're not what we more commonly identify as...