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    Zero Punctuation: Dragon Age: Inquisition - Fantasy Commander Shepard

    Actually, I found that for some reason they keep counting down even if I close the game. So when I am done playing I set up all of the long operations, go to bed, and I find they are all completed when I come back the next day. I found this also applies to switching characters, provided you are...
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    PS4 Will Not Need To Be Always Online

    Even though I spent this last game generation in favor of the 360... I definitely think that if I ever get around to upgrading to next-gen, it may very well be the PS4. My internet is crap, and I generally prefer offline play (single player and local multiplayer). In addition to this, what I've...
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    Half Life 2 Mod Minerva Gets Definitive Steam Release

    I remember playing this mod, It was very well done and I enjoyed it greatly. I would definitely like to see the more polished version, though I wonder exactly how much is going to be done with it. Is this going to be a "smooth out the occasional rough spot and give it some fancier coding" or is...
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    SOCOM But Not Forgotten

    This is what I miss in modern gaming. It just isn't the same without the community, the brotherhood.
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    Trailers: Borderlands 2 - Mechromancer Trailer

    While this is true, I think (at least for people like me) sometimes the "clever" element comes more naturally. I don't have to think very hard to use Zero effectively in a solo run. Though I do agree Axton ranks up in there. Both Axton and the Mechromancer's abilities are great for solo runs...
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    Zero Punctuation: Borderlands 2

    I'm not really surprised he didn't like it, but I definitely enjoyed watching and some of his complaints are very valid. Like the interface. I know they said they were going to improve it, but I think I actually would have preferred the old interface over the new one. Except for the mini map...
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    The Opportunist

    I actually don't mind this storyline, but I do agree the pacing is kind of slow.
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    Activision Says Valve and Epic Can't Make Destiny

    This... this makes a lot of sense, put that way.
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    Microsoft Offers Refunds To Low-Def Minecraft Users

    Yeah... this happened to me. Sucked really. I personally could care less if it makes some text near unreadable, I never read the text in the game in the first place. I'd rather they give me the option of playing it and having it look bad instead of forcing me not to play the way I want.
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    NASA Observes Black Hole Shredding Star

    Surely I can't be the only one who read "black hole shredding star" as meaning a star with the quality of black hole shredding. But that would be the opposite I guess. Captcha: pea brain I am not!
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    Wise Counsel

    I like the idea of her imagination's projection of Shepherd being all depressed and questioning the meaning of everything. Ah, who am I kidding, I love the projections of just about any character. Its why I like this comic.
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    Trailers: Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier - Story Trailer

    So... what is with the blurring out faces?
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    Beyond Good and Evil 2 is Still Alive

    Well, from that leaked video, I could understand why it requires better tech. Not so much because of the fancy visuals, as much as how much is going on. Big environments, open maps, tons of models. Lots of AIs, and some of them fairly complex. That being said, if the finished product is like...
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    Bethesda Announces The Elder Scrolls Online

    Not likely to play it, because I'm not really fond of MMOs, especially subscription MMOs.... I just have one thought bugging me: will it be first person? I think the thing that I have always loved most about the Elderscrolls games is that they are first person perspective. Probably the...
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    Trailers: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 - Reveal Trailer

    Yeah... that is where I come out. I really hate to say it, and it is hard to say it, but... I...a-am...Interested. Slightly. And horses. Why does the thought of gunfights from horseback appeal to me so much?