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    Roseanne cancelled

    Having looked through that article I'm struggling to see any real issue with the (paraphrased) statements: A) Islam is full of bad ideas. B) While every religion is guilty of terrible excesses of violence and oppression Muslims are overwhelmingly behind such actions today. Is it really...
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    Hot-take time: Fantasy is a dull genre

    Joe Abercrombie Mark Lawrence Scott Lynch China Melville Daniel Polansky Adrian Tchaikovsky That's six highly successful, well known fantasy authors, just off the top of my head, who don't remotely fit the categories you're suggesting.
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    Do you still base your game purchases on whether Yahtzee recommends it?

    I have never not bought a game just because of a bad review from Yahtzee (which lets face it is virtually all of the games), but I have bought nearly every game he recommends because: A) Our tastes align pretty accurately - multiplayer doesn't interest me, I hate nearly all JRPG and a game's...
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    Full Time Employee vs Other Ways To Earn

    In some respects, I think where you live makes a big difference. For example, I have a friend who is a freelance journalist in London, UK. He's a pretty successful guy, writes for a couple of national newspapers, edits non-fiction books, produces content for FTSE 100 companies etc. Yet due to...
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    Cersei Lannister and the Shallow Politics of Game of Thrones

    Have to disagree with calling GoT a 'mediocre show', seriously if GoT is average then... well just fuck. However the book critque I thought was pretty spot on. As for how it doesn't relate to the show I think you have to be reasonable. While I accept it would have made C's character more...
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    Will Smith in Talks to Play Genie in Aladdin Live-Action Remake

    Got to disagree hard with that statement. He's memorable enough for me to rattle off 'What Dreams May Come,' 'Good Will Hunting' and 'Mrs. Doubtfire' even though I haven't seen those films in years. Not just because they were 'good movies he happened to be in' (I actually think 'Dreams' is a...
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    CD Projekt Red Given a Bunch of Money From Polish Government

    Ok, how am I the first person to bring up this view point? CD Projekt Red are a HUGELY successful game publisher/developer. Even putting aside the rights and wrongs of giving seven figures of public money to a for-profit company shouldn't it maybe go to one that actually needs it? There's not...
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    Moana - Another Disney Princess Movie

    While your argument is intriguing I would argue the examples are flawed. I support benefits for poor people as I would prefer a fellow human to be clothed, fed and sheltered. I consider this a fairly basic level. Affirmative action goes to several higher levels i.e. preferential treatment in...
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    Moana - Another Disney Princess Movie

    'I saw a film made in the 80's with coloured people in it QED racism doesn't exist.' 'I am old and know no actual teenagers.' 'I have an opinion. I need no facts.'
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    Tyranny - the Newest RPG from Obsidian - Now Has a Release Date

    Yaay! Obsidian may make buggy as Hell games but they are always fun now it looks like I'm going to have two great roleplaying games coming out pretty close together this and the new Torment. I rarely pre-order but in this case it just had to be done. I love it when a developer just says...
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    PS4 Probed

    So... is Critical Miss cancelled now or what?
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    The worst video game ending ever

    In fairness to TLJ: Dreamfall it is meant to be the second part to a trilogy its just it didn't sell well and it was put on hiatus for years. Thanks to crowdfunding there is now a Dreamfall Chapters though which might wrap it all up better (haven't got round to playing it yet want to re-play the...
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    Watch: Independence Day: Resurgence First Official Trailer

    Box office cancer? His last few films have been pretty dire but each one returned a reasonable amount (between double and triple their original budget) nothing to brag about but he's hardly Lindsey Lohan either.
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    Blind seven year old girl refused walking cane at school.

    Actually, that isn't quite the case. I work in construction management in the UK and not surprisingly a large chunk of the job is risk management. Firstly, a risk assessment is to be carried out by a 'competent person' not a qualified person. Additionally, risk is not so black and white. While...