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    Sniper Elite 3 Developer Targets 2014 Release

    Maybe it'll be an actual sniper game this time instead of a third-person shooter with a sniper rifle.
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    Dear Origin, You Stink

    For everyone saying you're dead right on every point, you sure are wrong on several points and mistaken on others. Let's take it from the top: 1) Origin's Method of Installing DLC is Horrible: First I think everyone is confusing Origin's method for downloading DLC with BioWare's. BioWare...
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    BioWare Gives Liara a Reduction Mammoplasty

    So you're saying that there is absolutely nothing sexist at all about physically transforming a generally strong character (in the second game) into wank material with a 8 year old's face, E cup breasts, and what might as well be an up skirt shot. I guess you're right. No woman would ever...
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    BioWare Gives Liara a Reduction Mammoplasty

    What a delightfully mature attitude. Hey, maybe those people would buy it if it wasn't a sexist piece of trash!
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    BioWare Gives Liara a Reduction Mammoplasty

    I guess if you measure sexism in cup size, this is slightly better. If, however, you're a normal person, it's no change at all.
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    Early Modern Warfare 3 Goes For $1725 on eBay

    Are you seriously reporting on an obviously fake Ebay bid that won't actually be paid?
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    Early Dark Souls Players Get a Nasty Surprise

    Good thing its not always on.
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    Early Dark Souls Players Get a Nasty Surprise

    I would be willing to bet that pretty much none of the people playing early are "pirates."
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    Early Dark Souls Players Get a Nasty Surprise

    There isn't anything to go after them for. The people playing the game are doing nothing wrong.
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    Early Dark Souls Players Get a Nasty Surprise

    Punishing the wrong people isn't it? I doubt most, if any, people playing early literally stole a copy from somewhere. Probably just got it from a store legitimately, just the story released it a day early.
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    PAX 2011: PC Port of Borderlands 2 Won't Suck

    Didn't Gearbox say the same thing for the first Borderlands?
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    PC Battlefield 3 Lacks Key FPS Feature

    Considering pretty much everyone who actually played the "alpha" has said Battlelog is a superior service to any other server browser put out to date I'm a bit more willing to believe them than knee jerk forum goers and hysterical news posters. The ABSOLUTE ONLY concern this should raise is...
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    Japan & US Getting Totally Different Metal Gear Solid HD Collections

    So I guess "totally different" means "the same except for one thing."
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    Serious Sam Studio Zings EA's Origin

    Obligatory: Bam! Tit job.
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    ESRB Rates Crysis for 360, PS3

    I predict loading times, lots and lots of loading times.