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    Please Understand, Nintendo is the Bad Guy

    I think that Shamus left out a critical component of the whole picture: the Nintendo Creators Program. For a Youtube video creator, there is literally no upside to signing up for it beyond avoiding copyright takedowns; it's the only thing you get for paying Nintendo your ad revenue and having...
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    Electric Eels Have "Mind Control" Powers

    So, police who use a taser are exhibiting "mind control" powers? That's... impressive. I'm sure there's absolutely no way to clickbait that into another grotesquely misleading article title.
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    How Shadow of Mordor is a Poor Man's Batman: Arkham Game

    The Nemesis system is probably the biggest draw in the game, and is the biggest thing that separates it from other games. But it's not that alone that makes Shadows of Mordor interesting - it's that combined with the combat which is deep and challenging enough to reward players who plan out...
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    How Shadow of Mordor is a Poor Man's Batman: Arkham Game

    Shamus: I think that you've argued that your combat abilities aren't as closely tied to the combo meter as it is in Arkham, not that Shadow of Mordor's combat is an inferior version of Arkham's. Having not played Arkham, I can't comment on how critical it is there - but here it's just one of...
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    Shadow of Mordor is Nothing But Infantile Revenge Porn

    I had some hopes about the narrative being a story about Talion getting corrupted into service of Sauron; even though people invariably getting corrupted by inherently evil power isn't a theme I like in stories, it does fit with the themes of Middle Earth and would be at least an interesting...
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    Editorial: Omitting Women From Games Because "It's Too Hard" is Unacceptable

    The problem, as I perceive it, is the intricacy of the animations for executions, parkour, melee combat exchanges and the like. The Souls series are designed for a much more freeform combat system than the Assassin's Creed games are, without requiring fixed positions for animating each...
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    Editorial: Omitting Women From Games Because "It's Too Hard" is Unacceptable

    Considering that the paragraph of my post that you quoted and I left quoted above contains two references to the proposed change being restricted to multiplayer, it should have been obvious to you that I already was informed of that fact at the time of my post. You are right that the scope of...
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    Editorial: Omitting Women From Games Because "It's Too Hard" is Unacceptable

    It would be very good to have women as playable characters, to treat them as equal to men, and to bring them into the main line of a popular AAA game series. I agree quite strongly with that notion and hope that we will see it in the future. What I'm pissed off about is the assumption that...
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    Busting the Myth of Nazi Super-Science

    Personally, I didn't think that the article was arguing one way or the other about the gains of relaxing ethical constraints in scientific pursuits. The article was arguing that the Nazi scientists and engineers were far less competent than commonly portrayed, regardless of what they did in...
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    Busting the Myth of Nazi Super-Science

    This excellent article brought to mind another one I read a while ago that summarized a variety of viewpoints on the ethics of using Nazi experimental data. One of the most interesting views presented in it was that the experimental data should be published so that no one could deny that it...
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    Goyer's Martian Manhunter Comments Are Why DC Can't Have Nice Things

    The fact that the part of the article that left the most impression with me was the part that made me go, "Oh, cool; a reference to the landmark case that established judicial review!" probably indicates that I do not possess a healthy mind.
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    Soul Calibur: Lost Swords - No Multiplayer Due to "Pay-To-Win Model"

    I can't help but wonder if there's a translation issue here. Masaaki Hoshino does seem like he's using "pay-to-win" without being aware of the negative stigma that it carries over in the west.
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    Next-gen AI and Next-gen BS

    The article is true for AI in most games nowadays, but if we're looking at AI in a game like chess or Go then the situation changes. In games like those with both no random elements and no hidden information, duplicating the current state of the game and running many simulations of how the game...
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    Speed Runner Beats Ocarina of Time in Less Than 19 Minutes

    The major distinction between the 5 minute Super Mario 64 run and this one is that that one is a TAS: a tool-assisted speedrun. What that means is that the player had an emulator up, and, frame-by-frame, recorded the controller input to pick the most time-efficient option for every instant of...