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    Why Do We Love Nathan Fillion?

    Nathan Fillion is one smooth operator.
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    California Gay Marriage Ban Lifted

    This is all I have to say on the matter, and why I support it (well technically it is what the very talented Danielle Corsetto has to say about it, but it's better than a wall of text)
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    What is the meaning of Life?

    To me the meaning of life is composed of two principles -to survive and continue the species (obvious point) -to accrue more resources and better living conditions for the next generation (not as obvious) this is actually my hypothesis on the existence of greed; human greed actually stems...
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    Scorned Girlfriend Deletes WoW characters

    I think it was the symbolism - she knew that the short one was his favorite and knew that stuff on his character was also special to him, so she went a layer deeper than just deleting the character. Also if the boyfriend had educated her at all on WoW she might have known about the...
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    Scorned Girlfriend Deletes WoW characters

    at the risk of sounding like a dick (when really Im just curious), I see a lot of people crying fake with very little actual reasons or explanation as to how it was faked. sure, the fact that the girl knew her way around the interface was suspicious, but if her boyfriend was really that much...
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    Why I hate valve games. (A rant of sorts)

    I will say this: Valve's engine is old, and their games do not look the best compared to today's standards. However, I hold the opinion that while it is not the prettiest game engine, when you look at Portal you can see it still looks pretty damn good! Same with TF2 (more so, because of the...
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    Poll: Are you Homosexual?

    This reminds me of a story my old drum teacher told me. He came from a rather conservative family that was discussing gay/lesbian legislation going on in the white house at the time and he decided to say (in front of his old, very conservative, grandfather) that *HE* "was a lesbian"...
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    Music is dead....

    While I have heard many people say I'm wrong, I find Tool to have some really good songs - my favorite song of all time is without a doubt "Lateralus" edit: Also, Maynard James Keenans solo project, Puscifer (which is still on tour) is not bad
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    Weirdest Super Power You Can Have!

    The ability to see Octarine the power itself isn't necessarily weird, as what the results might be for a mortal man on this strange, orb of a world of ours seriously, not even 1 elephant keeping it up? psh
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    Most Obscure Band no ones heard of

    I would say Tool is relatively obscure. Great band imo, one of my favorites. Not sure on their history or popularity though, so correct me if they are not obscure.
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    Unskippable: Eternal Sonata

    Literally had me rolling on the floor laughin my ass off!! LOVE IT!!! Make more and Ill give you cookies!! and just realized, made by Graham Stark and Paul Saunders my name is Paul Stark freaky o.O
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    Unforgotten Realms: Episode Eight: Chicken Salad Sandwich

    One of the funniest yet my only complaint was that towards the end, Timmy the Evil was hard to understand. Might I suggest subtitles or closed captions or chat bubbles or a thing where Doc Walrus repeats everything he says because We all know that the Walrus is a doctor as well as a wizard...
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    Braid, almost better then Portals.

    I never heard of this game until I saw the Penny Arcade strip about it, but now that I see it being hyped so much (and recently heard it getting better reviews than Mass Effect and such) I will check it out.
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    worst game names

    Are you saying you have no respect for Valve? One of the only game producing companies reliably pumping out good games title after title? Producer of a game that made Yahtzee Croshaw himself admit that it was nigh perfect? Anyway, on topic, Left 4 Dead. Not a very good name for a game, but...
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    Velociraptor attacks

    This thread is made of pure win please continue your (at best) funny, amusing, and informative bits on the Raptor invasion (will it come before or after the radioactive alien zombies from pluto....with LAZERS >.<) or (at worst) your foolish attempts to kill Santa Claus as it were....who...