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    At what price: A paid beating?

    Double post. Derp.
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    At what price: A paid beating?

    Simple question. How much would someone have to pay you for one free (no retaliation), full force swing at your jaw? My price? 500 smackers. At least half a grand a punch. Bonus Question: If you declined to participate, but a close friend/family memeber agreed to it, would you try to...
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    Why do you hate Skyrim?

    Ruined may have been the wrong idea... perhaps I should have said "if your preferred style of RPG is linear or MMO..." Also, I like you, too.
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    Poll: Best Valve game?

    Left for Dead was so innovative, and I feel no one gives it the credit it deserves. Maybe because everyone is sick of zombie games, but L4D is THE perennial multiplayer zombie game imo.
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    Skyrim: Post Pictures of Your Character

    HAhahahahaha, oh man, I did not even think of that! LOL
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    Skyrim: Post Pictures of Your Character

    That's what I'm wearing too. I've got it max improved too. :) Kind of sucks when I'm shooting arrows in first person though because of the dark energy tendrils. Thanks. ^_^ I even try and use his combat tactics, minions first, then magic, then melee. Only I use a bow too. But I often...
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    Poll: Would you play an RPG that hides stats from the player?

    ...are you serious? Like... for reals? Because I'm pretty sure you're given a laundry list of stats and their improvements when they level up, not to mention all the info in the Pokedex. Trust me, even the Pokemon wiki's get pretty deep into stats and min/maxing in Pokemanz.
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    Skyrim: Post Pictures of Your Character

    One follower, Benor, and a Dremora Lord I conjure. I'm currently in the process of raising my Conjuration to 100 and getting my magic up so I can have two Dremora. ^_^
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    Skyrim: Post Pictures of Your Character

    I've got a thread like this around, too. But oh well, the more the merrier I say! Here's my character Legion's latest appearance; That's right. I'm Skeletor. I have minions and everything. ^_^
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    Skyrim - My Wife Sleeps in the Basement

    I second this SO HARD. I've taken quite the shine to Raj and his stories. :)
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    Skyrim 1.2: Did They Stealth-nerf The Steed Stone?

    I have not found the Steed Stone yet, but I'll be looking for it now. Unless it replaces the Lord Stone. Because that damage/magic resistance is BAWS. I have a minion for a mule, so weight isn't as big of an issue as being roasted/frozen/stabbed/etc to death.
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    Make a Great Game Sound Boring

    You forgot "Add a co-op partner, KILL then DIE."
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    Can Skyrim damage my gaming pc?

    I'm no techno-wizard, but I think it just indicates that the drive is being accessed. It's not particularly a warning light or anything.
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    What Game Surprised You This Year?

    Skyrim. Not at the game in general, but it seems like every time I play I notice something else that surprises and amazes me and seems an improvement over the previous outing. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed Oblivion (I got bored/frustrated with it quickly and it took me two solid tries to even...
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    You must now live off the last food and drink you consumed!

    Sweet! Water and a pizza with everything on it! I can pick my favorites for each day! "Today is pepperoni day. Tomorrow is green peppers day."