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    Grand Theft Auto VI Hinted at on Mo-cap Actor's Resume

    Grand Theft Auto: Ireland Yea we probably could get the whole country in there :D
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    Destiny 2 Gameplay Trailer Released, PC Version to be on Blizzard Client

    I havent used in many many years, back when i played WoW and i think it was called something else. So tell me people, is this a good thing or bad thing? I like destiny and im getting it on pc either way but are there and downsides to it being on
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    Take the Fight to Mordor in the New Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Open World Trailer

    Anybody else think that the soundtrack was absolutely so fucking far off anything to do with LOTR???? i was about to break out the glow sticks, drop two e's and start raving........
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    The Last Jedi Director Asked J.J. Abrams to Change Force Awakens Ending

    I hope R2 and BB8 dont mate and we end up with some monstrosity of a squarcle with legs! Serious note doh, it makes perfect sense to bring R2 to the island, although i still dont understand how he manages to do so well on bad terrain!
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    Reddit User Finds Starcraft Source Code, Gets Rewarded by Blizzard When He Returns It

    Would that disc be worth a lot on the black market? like to hackers and what not or rival game companies......he kinda had no choice other than give it back because he posted it on reddit....buuuuut, if he had known the value of said disc, he might just have been able to sell that for enough...
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    Call of Duty WWII Releases November 3, Watch the Reveal Trailer Now

    yano, they should just start making movies, cos that looks like a good movie i would watch but as a game it looks generic. I will play it for the story though. maybe.
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    Teen Hacker Sentenced to Two Years in Jail for Hacking Minecraft, Xbox Live, and Others

    Man......he was smart enough to write a piece of code which would no doubt earn him enough money to point his life in the right direction yet he decides instead of selling it off straight away, he uses to cause stupid amounts of pointless damage resulting in a criminal record and 2 years of his...
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    Robot Trained to Shoot Guns is "Not a Terminator," Insists Russia

    Its not a terminator.....its a fedor......those of your that know who fedor is........he is much worse than terminator :)
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    Blizzard Wins $8.6 Million Judgment Against Cheat Maker Bossland

    I wish this were true......but they will find another way to cheat and continue being untalented. I wonder, how wealthy is bossland, i know nothing about them, i mean will this ruin them or will they pay it and continue doing what they do?
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    Activision Wants to Create a Call of Duty Cinematic Universe, Starting with a Movie Next Year

    There are stories in call of duty? all joking aside......the only stories that remotely interested me was the modern warfare 1 and 2 stories.......they wont make a good movie out of it though. ....ghost would be a cool character to make a movie out of but he's......well....ya know.....a...
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    The Discovery - What if There Was Proof of an Afterlife?

    Maybe the people that are killing themselves are depressed or what not.....maybe some have lost loved ones who they desperately want to see again.....there are many reasons people might want to do that. .....Id be more worried about the people who dont kill themselves and how they would...
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    Destiny 2 Arrives September 8, PC Confirmed

    YEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! oh no my life........its gone forever! Really excited for this......i was praying for it since i sold my ps4 and went full pc :D Now if they add some real variety with the weapons and armour it may become the best game ive ever played!
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    Here's the First Teaser for Destiny 2

    PC version. Variety. Color me hooked.
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    UPDATED: An Under the Radar Change to Enemy Scaling Has the WoW Community Up in Arms

    They wanted to see how players would react when they werent aware that such a change had happened????????????????? wtf????? blizzard are running social experiments now? ....what in the world has something like that got to do with gaming. it does not make a difference how players...