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    The Big Picture: Pink Is Not The Problem

    I'm really happy Bob took the time to make this distinction, because in the current 'hype' of feminism a lot of things are going wrong. Stuff that will actually make the problem worse, not better in the long run. I'm being frequently called a sexist and worse for pointing out similar things...
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    Escape to the Movies: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

    This is what happens when you stay too close to the source material. Books can not be adapted properly by sticking to them too strictly, it hardly ever works. Also, since I actually read the books for some reason, I suggest people shouldn't get their hopes up for the third movie (the books...
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    The Big Picture: Baggage

    The problem is when points of view become the headline of the review, instead of the work itself. Societal factors are often overblown for an agenda, yes even when the person is not actively pursuing said agenda. The by now famous escapist review made a mistake, because it focussed very...
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    Mad Max Won't be Set in Australia

    This sounds a lot like 'Wait, it's supposed to be in Australia?' and then trying to come up with a response tbh. Indicative of the casual way developers work with aquired IPs. There's absolutely no reason (even after their given statement) for it to NOT be in Australia, so I claim Occam's razor...
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    The Last of Us Review - A New Apocalypse

    Because it would make them more money. The point of exclusives is to sell consoles, this exclusive is not going to sell enough consoles to offset the gain of millions of extra potential customers this late in the game. The fact that Sony is the developer doesn't make an exclusive automatically...
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    Xbox? Done.

    You misunderstand. The streaming is done from your own computer/server, not theirs. It'll take some time until people understand it for sure, but then the value will be obvious. You no longer have to choose between pc games and console games, you'll have both available. Consoles will never be...
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    Xbox? Done.

    Consumers care about value, that's why it will never actually become that bad. People will buy almost anything, not caring what horrible practices are behind it, but they must want it first. And say what you will, publishers will never have the kind of power that grants them this kind of...
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    Ender's Game Trailer is Finally Here

    Don't misunderstand me, I liked the books, but the story is actually pretty silly. I think it will take almost a miracle to translate that to a film without it becoming completely ridiculous. Add to that the problem of child actors in a story that requires a lot of character building and this...
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    American Ambassador Lectures Aussies On Game of Thrones Theft

    Hmm, is this new this season? That's a pretty good move (although I dislike iTunes). Pay more for HD is a silly move though. I imagine this still comes with DRM bullshit instead of just a good mkv download? Well, at least we're getting closer ;) I dream of the day where I can access my legal...
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    American Ambassador Lectures Aussies On Game of Thrones Theft

    You are of course right, but it just isn't the customer's problem. There's a large disconnect between what customers expect and how companies are structured right now, but blaming the customer is always the wrong approach if you want to make money. Right now HBO still makes enough from its...
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    The Big Picture: Continuity Wars

    I'm expecting them to use the universe and start telling stories about different characters, to me that makes the most sense. Kind of like you can have the next generation enterprise, deep space nine and voyager sort of next to each other, except now we are talking star wars and movies.
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    Research Finds Negative Effects in Violent Videogames

    It doesn't even properly proof that games cause aggression, just an increase in aggressive association, which imo is obvious. They have JUST played a game with violence. Hmm I wonder what is on the tip of their minds? But hey, one needs a good headline for the press release for another shitty...
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    The Big Picture: You Are Wrong About Sucker Punch, Part One

    This movie is the very definition of pretentious, not much more can be said about it, sorry.
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    Zero Punctuation: Spec Ops: The Line

    A recommendation from Yahtzee is pretty much worth an international PR campaign for the developer. Looking forward to seeing "pfffffftt" quoted ;)
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    The Big Picture: Tropes vs. MovieBob

    Apparently this fact is not really heard, so I'll keep repeating it. no, gaming does not have a problem with its treatment of women, society does. And focusing the attention on games, or 'tropes' in games, or whatever, serves to divert attention from the very real problem that is pervasive in...