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    The X-Men Kind of Suck

    Yeah, I understand it similarly. I don't think you can do yourself any service here by passing off just how astonishingly low-quality Bendis's run of writing for the X-men was. The entire thing, front-to-back, was a mess of unresolved and anticlimactic plots, characters written so...
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    A Person Uses Transgender Law To Expose Gender Discrimination

    Ohey, look at that, dismissing someone's argument because of its source. Glad to see you being the bigger person! EDIT: Holy Mother of God. I should've looked through the thread before I made this post. About half the people in this thread are using this fallacy. I never stop getting...
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    Ghostbusters Director Calls Out "Assholes in Geek Culture"

    Fieg, look over your trailer again, and count the number of times the "funniest people you know" literally and directly explain the joke. There's a reason Comedy is dying in Hollywood. No one there knows how to set up a joke or let it breathe anymore.
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    The X-Men Kind of Suck

    X-Men is actually one of my favorite comic books now. I know, that sounds weird. Hear me out on this. I used to try to take the X-men seriously. For the life of me, I couldn't understand what the hell Marvel was allowing Bendis to do with its characters. Nothing Beast has done for the last...
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    I don't understand the term trans

    Respect is earned, not given, dear, and you're wrong on several accounts: Transfolk are NOT Furkin. I may be bigoted, but I am not irrational. I don't lump people in synonymous groups because of singular similarities. I freely admit a dislike for transexuality on a number of principles...
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    Older Iceman Confirmed to Be Gay in Uncanny X-Men 600

    I read that issue, and it was so hilariously badly written and illustrated I fucking laughed 'til I cried. Between the derp face Bobby gave from Jean's "mental hug" and a gargoyle-looking Beast driving away in a car with a look in his eyes like he's trying to escape the bad acid demons, it...
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    Poll: How do you feel about death penalty?

    I disagree- I think you'll find that criminals who have the death penalty rarely, if ever, commit repeat crimes.
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    Poll: How do you feel about death penalty?

    The death penalty is usually- and well should be- a last-resort measure to people who are convicted beyond any shadow of a doubt for crimes of the most atrocious nature. I have no problem with seeing a man who gunned down a police officer trying to give a simple speeding ticket AND WAS CAUGHT ON...
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    We Are Our Avatars V (Closed)

    (Not participating, but I figured I'd nip in here to mention that with over 60 pages of backstory now made with god-knows-how-many characters, I don't think anyone's gonna be able to "jump in" at this point.)
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    Zero Punctuation: DayZ

    ...I can't be hearing this right, because it almost sounds like you had fun with this one, Yahtzee.
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    Do you hate people who argue till they are blue in the face, even though you know they are wrong?

    I get the impression that giving them the last word in an argument makes them feel like they're right... but eventually, you've got to realize irrational people cannot by their very nature be made to see rational arguments, and instead should be viewed as forces of nature- first to be...
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    We Are Our Avatars IV (Uh, closed for real now)

    ...76 pages in, I think, means new people jumping in at this point just makes things complicated. It would probably be a wise idea to close the thread to newcomers. If not... I'll still pass.
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    Lance Armstrong to be stripped of medals

    "Well, we couldn't nail him on any of the tests... BUT we've got all this hearsay we've acquired after two decades of hounding, so there's no way he's innocent." ...What authority do you think the UNITED STATES has in the TOUR DE FRANCE? That's all Europe, buddy.
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    Say something to an inanimate object.

    Pencil: Stay sharp. Kingsman
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    Poll: What is your stance on swearing?

    People who have the idea that you can "abolish" words from being are deluded, because they're trying to remove a very idea from existence. That said, a loose tongue and a dirty mouth don't really leave favorable impressions on anyone- use them, if you want/must, but at least have the tact to...