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    Biggest douchebag NPC's in gaming?

    i miss tybalt already
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    Your first ever MMO experience

    my first MMO experience was final fantasy XI back when it first came out and the controls and leveling system was a lil complex, traded that for WoW and am playing guild wars 2 now
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    The last movie you saw combines with the last game you played and the last book you read.

    gladiator with team fortess 2 with harry potter and the deathly hollows... sounds like a blood bath..
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    'Slut' Parade

    i thought diva was the female version of a player
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    Everybody Poops.

    was it robin williams?
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    ESRB Defends Dead Island Logo Decision

    all im seeing is rage and baww over a peice of rope. but as it seems people gut butthurt over the craziest things, rope being one of them.
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    Warhammer 40K MMO Will Cost At Least $50 Million

    i saw the imperium trailer wating on them to do chaos
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    Anonymous Hacks Westboro Baptist Church on Live Talk Show

    /god/ is not your personal army.
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    Critical Miss: God Emperor of Steam #2

    better than azien anyway.
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    Oh no, your avatar has attacked!

    well he's telling me its a good day to die, i guess he means me. but he's a dinosaur with a captains hat... im boned.
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    Bikers plan to foil the Westboro Baptist Church's Plans

    pfft their kids fitting in these weirdoes are probably the type to inbreed poor retarded fucks.
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    Things that are illegal, that you don't have problem with

    these are what you call blue laws they are rediculous but back in the day the people writing these law thought they make sense
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    The Escapist Presents: World of Warcraft: Before the Cataclysm

    well looks like need to do some exploring of the old world before the whole thing goes down though orgimmar looks sweet in cata
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    Taylor Lautner Fan to Universal: "The Wolfman" ripped off "Twilight"

    i see your idiot twilight fan letter and raise you this video!
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    Apocalypse Lane: Episode 37: Emergency Landing

    "the last time i saw you i was staring at the back of your head!" lol that was the quote that got it for me hickey/cpt. bloodface are the best